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Photo of Trump at Ground Zero Slapped with Bogus Label on 9/11

To most conservatives, it’s always been obvious that the current regime of “independent third-party fact-checkers” was nothing more than a band of political activists.

Fact-checking, to them, isn’t about fighting misinformation. It’s about deciding which opinions the public is allowed to hear.

There is perhaps no better example of this than Instagram’s move on Sunday to add a “missing context” claim to a photograph of former President Donald Trump at Ground Zero in 2001.

Jack Posobiec of Human Events posted the photograph to his Instagram account along with the text “No one told him to go. He went anyway.”

Trump was in fact at Ground Zero shortly following the attack. An NBC News interview from 2001 posted by Posobiec confirms as much.

Nevertheless, Instragam added the “Missing Context” label to the photograph. If clicked, the label redirects to two stories from two different independent fact-checkers.

The first story published by Lead Stories claims is titled “Fact Check: NO Evidence That Donald Trump Paid Hundreds of Workers To Help With Search And Rescue After 9/11.”

Posobiec never made that claim in his own post.

The second fact-check, published by Snopes, claimed it is “unproven” that “Trump and hundreds of workers” searched for survivors after the Sept. 11, 2001, attack.

Again, neither of these claims is made in the photograph, which is originally attributed to Getty Images.

Nevertheless, when social media users come across this photo on their feeds, they’ll see a “missing context” label, making them think that the photograph is in some way dishonest.

But Instagram continues to keep the label in place.

So, if the two fact-checks have nothing to do with the photograph, what’s the missing context?

Perhaps Instagram wants every picture of Trump to have the label “Orange Man Bad” affixed to it.

Otherwise, someone may view this picture of the former president at Ground Zero and think that Trump is actually a human being who cares about others.

It’s likely Instagram would label such an idea as “misinformation.”

  • Art LaPella says:

    When the fact checkers are wrong, it means we need conservative fact checkers, not unreferenced memes.

  • D.T. Smith says:

    While Donald Trump was ” pre President ” and involved in the reclamation of the Towers The biden Crime Family was busy lining their pockects with money from China and Ukraine.

  • Jaybo1 says:

    Snopes is a left wing lying bunch of trash that wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped them in the face..I would trust a coiled rattlesnake before I would them…



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