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Pennsylvania Democrats Start Sounding the Alarm: ‘F***ing Disaster’

Members of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party are sounding the alarm about their party ahead of the 2024 presidential election, claiming it is a “f—–g disaster” and “amateur hour” in a new report.

Politico’s piece opened with a dire picture of the party’s situation in Pennsylvania, stating, “With a little more than a year to go until the 2024 election, the state Democratic Party is reeling from financial problems and a lack of trust across the party, according to interviews with 20 Democratic officials and operatives throughout Pennsylvania.”

Citing several, the story added, “‘It’s amateur hour,’ said a state committee member who, like other Democrats, was granted anonymity to speak frankly about a sensitive matter. ‘It’s a f—— disaster,’ said a former state party staffer.”

The article reported the state’s party went through a round of layoffs in July, and one of its political action committees has less than $8000 in its account. The article added that members have “questions” about the “competency of its leadership, including state party chair Sharif Street.”

Politico stated, “The prevailing fear is that the party will not be in the strongest shape possible ahead of the presidential election and a key Senate race next year. A state Supreme Court contest, where Democrats are making abortion front and center, is on the ballot this November.”

“It’s concerning that the state party is laying people off as we’re heading into a really important Supreme Court race, which then leads into the presidential year,” Democratic consultant Mike Mikus said.

He added, “They’re going to have to figure out a path forward to build their own fundraising operation, and it sounds like there’s a lot of building to be done right now.”

An anonymous senior Democrat official in the state noted the weight of the trouble facing the party in its current state.

“Pennsylvania is the single biggest battleground state in the country in the presidential election, and we have a total incompetent, lazy guy who has no clue what he’s doing running the state party,” they said.

However Street, the party chair, denied there are financial issues with the party. The article noted his claim that the party was given a “$700,000 grant earlier this year” by “DemocracyFIRST,” money which has allowed the party to hire 20 new organizers.

Additionally, Street assured critics that the state party’s “federal PAC had $200,000 on hand as of its latest filing,” the outlet wrote. He also had a response to concerns about the layoffs, stating “he had to carry them out in response to worries from national donors” that the party had too much staff carried over from the midterms.

Still, Politico noted that “the highest levels of the Democratic Party have expressed anxiety about the state committee.” It reported, “People who have talked to Biden officials have come away with the impression that they are concerned about it, according to three people familiar with those conversations.”

It stated there have been disagreements with the state party and President Biden’s fundraising committee, the Biden Victory Fund, as well as the DNC and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee over “basic contracts that are essential to raise money and coordinate.” Pennsylvania was one of several key states that Biden flipped back to Democrats that former President Trump won in 2016.

However, a DNC spokesperson assured the outlet that “the DNC and Biden for President will continue investing heavily in the Keystone State and organizing Pennsylvania voters to reelect President Biden and Vice President Harris.”

Street responded to reports of drama between his party and national Democrats. Politico reported him saying that this was a “byproduct of him taking a different approach to leading the party.”

He claimed, “We’ve done things a little differently, and I know that may have ruffled some feathers with sort of the national chatterbox class. They weren’t exactly excited about my candidacy for chair for a lot of reasons.”

  • Scurvydog says:

    This is funny as hell to me! PA is a joke. Fetterman is more to be pitied than scolded, and shouldn’t be in the position he’s in, but it’s not his fault. It’s the democrat party’s fault! Just like in the case of Biden…Yet, we all sit back and wonder what the heck we ought to be doing about it all, while watching our conservative friends from Jan 6 dress out in prison uniforms. Yet, none of the Antifa scum in Portland and Seattle have been prosecuted to my knowledge. In the WWII vernacular of the greatest generation: Its FUBAR!

  • Ian Moone says:

    Yeah the Dumbacrats had the Dumarcatic Supreme Court to act as lawmakers and change the law
    to help the commies by extending the days on voting because Trump was winning and that just could not happen.

  • Michael says:

    Democraps don’t need much staff. They just need lots of photocopiers to duplicate ballots like they did in 2020. Not much organizing needed if you just manufacture ballots.



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