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One State Might Be The Biggest UFO Hotspot In America

Citizens of Iowa reported seeing more than 1,100 unidentified flying objects, according to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC).

While the state doesn’t rank quite as high as California, Washington, Florida or Texas for overall reportage, the reports listed on the NUFORC for the Hawkeye State are something to behold. There were more than 200 instances of “triangle” shaped objects spotted in the sky, along with multiple instances of a “green ring” light.

A number of similar reports were made at the same locations, on the same days. For example, on Dec. 23, 2020, multiple people reported a huge number of lights, triangular-shaped objects and very fast-moving white lights.

Around a dozen UFO sightings have been reported in 2022 thus far, Axios noted. Axios also explained away some of the reports, such as one about “sounds” that echoed over Des Moines. It turned out that they were fighter jets, the outlet reported.

Most of the reports are yet to be explained.

“I was washing my car and taking pictures of it. When I looked back at the pictures I noticed a black circle in the sky in the picture,” one person from Pleasantville reported on the site, attaching an image of an alleged flying saucer.

To date, NUFORC has collected more than 150,000 UFO sighting reports, according to their homepage. Between May and June 2022, the site collected more than 700 new reports.

  • Justin says:

    It the holographic campaign to put aliens and UfOs in the sky called Project Bluebeam? You can’t believe what you see and photograph when they are perpetrating these technologically enabled deceptions on the population.

    • Carmen says:


      After I left the Air Force, I went to work for NASA. I had a Top Secret Clearance and above. They are among us and I have seen them up close (dead from UFO crashes). You need to get off of the deniel leftist mind set train, that we are the only living beings in this universe. Rosewell was a complete lie and typical gov. cover up. Our gov. to this day thinks we are big babies and can’t handle the truth. What people are seeing are scout ships. The beings are geneticly engineered androids who gather info on this planet.
      They don’t want to introduce themselves because of our destructive nature. One survived the Roswell crash. It was brought down by an electrical storm. How do you think we have advance so fast in computer technology, night vision, LCD lights, computer chips, lazer robots that can perform surgery, etc..

      Just open your mind, this country has progress very fast in high tech. Cell phones, 3D
      visual effects and so on. I have handled ALL documents since Roswell/seen photos/
      and I can gurantee they are real. They have been researching this planet for a very long time. 1000 years at best.

    • Carmen says:

      Who told you about Project Bluebeam? There was a project called Project BlueBook.

  • Mom17 says:

    I remember when I was a teen, in the 60’s, the object that flew over me, it was black and made no sound and had no markings, it was seen by many before crashing into Lake Huron, no wreckage was ever found and no plane ever reported missing. They even had Jacques Cousteau’s son come look wreckage.

    • Carmen says:

      Your are correct. My husband and I have experienced seeing large orbs (bigger than a basketball) float right in fron of our faces. I dobberman just stood there and star at the orb. White in color. For about 3 min it floated in fron of us and than with in an instant it was gone – straight up into the air. Saw these in Tehacapie, CA and here in Choctaw, Oklahoma at a park. Shot up from a group of trees. They are out there.

  • Dorothy says:

    I believe their are UFO’s around but apparently they are not destructive. I hope they will take care of the Democrats. Maybe they are watching our Earth self destruct.



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