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NOAA Throws Cold Water on Media Hysteria Over Earth’s ‘Three Hottest Days on Record’

Numerous corporate media outlets drove the narrative that July 3-5 was the hottest 72-hour stretch ever on record, citing a computer model from the University of Maine which the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has warned is not as dependable as traditional observational data.

The New York Times, Fortune, Axios and CBS News each cited the University of Maine’s Climate Reanalyzer computer model in various Thursday reports asserting that this week’s global temperatures broke the previous record for hottest three-day stretch.

The coverage came as NOAA said Thursday that the model’s findings are not a suitable substitute for observational data, since the model depends in part on unverifiable, computer-generated outputs, according to The Associated Press.

Axios’ Thursday headline asserted that “Earth sees three hottest days on record,” while The Times wrote in its Thursday story that “the past three days were quite likely the hottest in Earth’s modern history.”

CBS News ran a chyron on a Thursday television segment which read, “Earth sees third straight hottest day on record,” while the first half of Fortune’s Thursday headline stated that “Earth hits record heat third day in a row.”

“Although NOAA cannot validate the methodology or conclusion of the University of Maine analysis, we recognize that we are in a warm period due to climate change,” NOAA said, according to the AP.

The Reanalyzer uses observational data from the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) and then calculates various global temperature estimates based on that data using its model, according to the Reanalyzer’s website. The Reanalyzer’s model found that this week was the hottest week it has ever recorded.

NCEP is part of the National Weather Service, which is part of NOAA, according to the National Weather Service’s website.

“The situation we are witnessing now is the demonstration that climate change is out of control,” United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres said of the heat, according to The Guardian. “If we persist in delaying key measures that are needed, I think we are moving into a catastrophic situation, as the last two records in temperature demonstrates.”

  • John Gault says:

    Whatta crock. The “climate change” fear mongering is nothing more than a way to bring about economic change, social change, and more government control. Wake up people!

  • Pat says:

    None of them gives a shred of evidence about any of this “global warming” stuff! Look at all the predictions over the last 100 years! NONE of it has come true! I don’t think that even those who spew this nonsense believe it! And the “scientist” who have put out information are PAID to give that information, true or not! It is a HOAX!!

  • MK says:

    I will believe in the crises when the day comes when elitists stop buying up and developing beach front property. If they really believed in all the bull they expect the masses to believe in that property wouldn’t be worth squat. When will the mass exodus from places like Florida begin? Miami is only 6 or 7 feet above sea level. With all these claims of record earth warmings and polar ice melting you got to ask where is all the water going? I thought the real science dictates that when the polar caps melt away the sea levels are at the highest and when the earth is in the peak of the ice age phenomenon the sea level is at its lowest.

  • Michael T says:

    Do something? Disbanding the UN will eliminate a lot of hot air!

  • Michael says:

    So they are attributing the weather with the climate changing that has been going on for countless millions of years . Sounds reasonable to me . And I bet there will be climate change for millions more .



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