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New York City Plunged Into Sudden Darkness After Mass Power Outage

Black smoke was seen coming from a ConEd plant in Brooklyn as power outages were seen across New York City.

The outages happened just after midnight on Friday and footage captured shows plumes spreading from the facility.

A momentary power cut across New York City then followed with lights seen flickering for a few seconds. Most electricity is back up and running.

The New York City Fire Department was quickly at the scene and sirens were seen flashing from the ConEd plant on John Street in Dumbo. While New York City Police Department officers were stood outside the gates of the facility.

Commuters were stuck on the subway for up to 20 minutes while others were trapped in elevators during the power outage.

Con Edison has said it currently investigating the issue and has contacted the company for more information.

Residents across New York City complained about the brief power cut with most left confused about the outage.

Multiple people claimed to hear an ‘explosion’ from the power plant while others felt a rumble.

The fire department responded to multiple reports of power outages and people stuck in elevators.

‘We don’t have a single address that we can narrow it down to. There has been reports and calls at various locations,’ a spokesman said.

Some commuters were held on the subway for around 20 minutes during the power outage without any announcements.

All elevators and escalators at Grand Central were put out of service due the ongoing power issue.

Lights were reported flickering in neighborhoods including Lower Manhattan, the Upper East Side, Bed-Stuy, Downtown Brooklyn and Long Island City.

There were reports that the power momentarily went down twice in the space of around 15 minutes.

‘My mom and I were just talking in the kitchen and the lights momentarily went out,’ a resident on X wrote.

‘We both just stared at each other and wondered what the hell happened. Thanks for scaring me to hell and back ConEd.’

Another user wrote: ‘Light just flickered, what’s up NYC?’

A third concerned person wrote: ‘So all of us in NYC suddenly got a power outage??’

Another added: ‘NYC power outage just happened while I was halfway through the new Netflix movie Leave the World Behind. Wife and I are freaked the f** out.’

  • James Leamons says:

    Terrorist? Poorly maintained Public Utilities? Outside influence or bad city government? A desperate public awaits…

  • Dorothy says:

    This has happened in New York years ago, only we were left without power for a day. It has happened numerous times and no one really knew why.

  • Brad Pitt says:

    Sirens don’t flash. Lights flash.

  • LMS says:

    Yep, and it’s going to get worse until they get rid of the GREEN NEW S–T DEAL!

    This country is not even equipped to handle the garbage the democrats are trying to push! Ask Newsome about his continual power outages! You can’t fix stupid!



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