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NASA Pics Capture Mysterious ‘Surfboard’ Orbiting the Moon

NASA photographed a sliver of a mysterious, surfboard-shaped object near the surface of the moon last month, images released by the space agency on Friday show.

The pics, taken by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), depict a thin horizontal line of an object resembling the board of the Marvel’s Silver Surfer character.

But the curious subject is not something from the comic book world or superhero movies or even a UFO.

It belongs to South Korea.

LRO captured several images of the Danuri lunar orbiter sent by its Korean counterpart, the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, as the two zipped past each other in parallel but opposite directions between March 5 and 6, NASA said.

The image of Danuri, which has been orbiting the moon since December 2022, is distorted because of the extremely fast relative velocities between it and the LRO — about 7,200 miles per hour.

The result is a photo that smears the Korean spacecraft to 10 times its size in the opposite direction of travel — with the LRO’s camera’s short exposure time.

The Danuri is South Korea’s first spacecraft at the moon, while the LRO has been circling the Earth’s natural satellite for 15 years.

The LRO operations team at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland aimed its camera at the right time and place to catch a glimpse of Danuri — a feat that required “exquisite timing,” according to the space agency.

In a role reversal last spring, Danuri photographed the LRO as it passed about 11 miles above the US spacecraft on April 7.

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  • Who Said What says:

    What a bogus title for an article. “NASA Pics Capture Mysterious ‘Surfboard’ Orbiting The Moon.”

    It isn’t ‘mysterious; or even unknown. It is a South Korean lunar probe that is well-known to NASA. The only reason for the stupid title, and the article itself, is to get ‘clicks’ for the reporter.

    Stop producing such inane articles. They make Truth Press look like the old National Inquirer.

  • P says:

    We have never been to the moon or Mars fake news. Just more $ for our corrupt government

  • Better get ready says:

    I don’t think anyone belongs in space. That should be part of this earth to be untouched. This is the way I have always felt. I guess that’s why I don’t like anything about space.



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