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Mother of Hunter Biden’s Estranged Child Speaks Out

The mother of Hunter Biden’s estranged fourth child opened up about her experience dealing with the president’s son in an interview published Saturday in The New York Times.

Lunden Roberts, who has a daughter with Hunter Biden for whom she formerly worked as an assistant, spoke out about dealing with Biden following their child’s birth in 2018, highlighting both the president and his son’s attempts to distance themselves from the child, according to The New York Times. Roberts and Biden settled a lengthy court battle over child support on Thursday.

“We worked it out amongst ourselves,” Roberts told the Times. As part of the settlement, Hunter Biden will turn over some of his paintings — which have been offered for prices up to $500,000 — to his daughter at her choosing.

“I hope one day when you look back you find yourself proud of who you are, where you come from, and most importantly, who raised you,” Roberts captioned an Instagram post in a presumed jab at Biden.

“I read things about myself that I have no clue about,” she told the Times, saying the only thing that bothers her is accusations of being a bad mother. “People can call me whatever they want, but they can’t call me that.”

Roberts recalled how Biden had stopped responding to her text messages by the time the child was born in 2018, and then the later removal by Biden of Roberts and the child from his health insurance, according to the Times. A lawsuit in 2019 was then used to get DNA testing to establish that Biden is the father.

The original child support claim included a request to change the child’s last name to Biden, but Biden fought against the request, and it was dropped as part of the settlement.

“She’s very proud of who her grandfather is and who her dad is,” Roberts said. “That is something that I would never allow her to think otherwise.”

President Joe Biden has repeatedly refused to acknowledge that Roberts’ daughter is his grandchild. Aides to the president have reportedly been told in strategy meetings that the Bidens have six grandchildren and not seven, the Times reported.

“And then, the best part of it all, I have six grandchildren,” the president said in April at a Take Your Child to Work Day event. “And I’m crazy about them. And I speak to them every single day. Not a joke.”

  • BidenEatsObamaCum says:

    Biden Curse. She is better off without that name which will soon be associated with immorality, crime and incest. Fuck you Grandpa Joe. Anxious for your comment “No one fucks with a Biden” to be shoved up your satanic ass.

  • Jane Allen says:

    It is not the child who is the bastard here.

  • Sicsam says:

    Joey and Jilly are horrible for not acknowledging their grand child….For Joe…he has new hair to sniff! (Perverted ass).

  • Single hard working proud mom says:

    Lunden Roberts here my words some day when Navy is an adult maybe she will understand but don’t force the issue now she’s to young take it from a single mother who got no help from a dead beat my son is better off not knowing we haven’t seen him in 43 years and it’s his loss not mine neither one of those bidens deserve the title father or grandfather and they will never try to earn it trust me my son had a great uncle and grandfather that were alway their for him those two will never be their for Navy it’s their loss hot hers don’t force it on her just continue to be her great cheering section like you are now!

  • Jay Dale Clagg says:

    FJB and his POS son

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