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Mitch McConnell Escorted Away from Cameras After Freezing Mid-News Conference

Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell suddenly froze while talking and had to be escorted away from the podium during his press conference on Wednesday.

The 81-year-old sparked concerns as he appeared unable to complete his sentence while surrounded by his colleagues.

It comes months after he was released from hospital after he fell during dinner in Washington D.C.

McConnell was addressing reporters when he abruptly took a long pause. His colleague, Republican Senator John Thune, then helped McConnell steady himself and move him away from the podium.

Thune carried on, before McConnell returned and insisted he was fine to do his job.

  • Tressa says:

    He is looking into the face of death!
    Retirement is the best way to go and enjoy what time you have left!

  • Bobbie says:

    I wish him well, but he needs to GO HOME, for good. Prime example of why we must vote for Trump and push for TERM LIMITS!

  • scott d burrill says:

    Should’ve walked him straight into the nursing home, where he could reside over the patients.

  • John says:

    God’s righteousness before his prophesized second coming is already starting to remove the tongues and expose all the true evil of these Democrat & Rino, evil, Satan worshiping, Antichrist, child molesting & trafficking, ritual baby murdering luciferian demons in this Democrat communist fraudulent elected Banana Republic coup d’etat fake government of Antichrist pedophiles, and luciferian Humanity destroying facist Gov , these American freedom hating, rich, eletist,pagans & false idol worshiping, Antichrist of the N.W.O. U.N. E.U. EURO TRASH DEMONIC UNION OF TYRANNICAL, WEAPONIZED, FACIST COMMUNIST, & LUCIFERIAN GLOBALIZED OPPRESSIVE GOVERNMENT will be met with massive resistance and War globally, they continue to completely destroy all god-given alienated rights and freedoms under our birth of our free and loving creator. Only demons try to replaced god with government they have failed in the past in many civilizations and their satanic global evil will fail & fall again Rome will burn again this time for eternity.

  • Dogbert says:

    Forced retirement after 70 like pilots and other professionals and term limits, no more than two terms for house or senate.

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