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Miss Transgender Arrested on Human Trafficking Charges

A two-time Miss Transgender Peru winner has been arrested in Belgium after reportedly trafficking people into the sex trade, making some of them veritable slaves in Europe’s most famous legal red light districts.

Celeste Rivasplata, 34, is a widely known social media influencer in Peru for having won two national Miss Transgender titles in 2019 and 2021, as well as Miss International Peru that same year. But Rivasplata, a biological male who identifies as a woman, is now facing human trafficking charges after police became aware he was running an international sexual exploitation ring with one dozen victims.

According to La Meuse, Rivasplata would solicit vulnerable trans-identified young people from Peru, offering them a better life in Belgium.

While the exact ages of the victims is unknown, Rivasplata’s father would collect fees from them in Peru prior to their departure to Belgium. Once they arrived, Rivasplata would strip them of their passports and tell them their debt could only be paid through prostitution. The victims were also threatened that their families back in Peru would be harmed if they did not comply.

Rivasplata rented apartments and hotel rooms in 6 cities in Belgium where prostitution had some legal protections, as well as in Utrecht, Netherlands, where he housed the victims, leaving them with nothing more than food. He then placed ads featuring the victims on the internet, including on red light district escorting websites, and handled the bookings. Clients were charged €150 to €300 for “passes” that then gave them access to their chosen victim.

The money Rivasplata collected was apparently laundered using an international wire transfer agency back to Peru, with some administrators being paid a bribe to not log Rivasplata’s identification with every transaction.

Rivasplata was arrested on July 7 after police became aware of the operation and connected him to the trafficking victims through digital means. He was jailed in a women’s holding cell in Berkendael prior to being released without conditions after a €7,000 bail was paid on Wednesday.

In local news reports on Rivasplata’s charges, he was referred to using feminine pronouns.

In 2019, Rivasplata was featured on multiple Peruvian television programs after the country introduced gender self-identification laws. In one interview, Rivasplata stated that previous Peruvian policies not allowing him to change his legal markers were unfair because he “felt like a woman” and wanted to be perceived and treated as one.

  • Okie Woman says:

    I HOPE they send HIM to prison for LIFE!

  • Mike says:

    Time to superglue her/his vagina and put in jail for 30 yrs minimum

  • STACY says:

    Many other trans freaks have been arrested for child molesting. This is about the 10th article I have read in the last 6 months alone where a trans was arrested for child molesting. I bet if you go back a few years the # would be very high. They are pedophiles, all of them! The lgtbq community is full of pedophiles and sexual deviants who do disgusting, cruel and humiliating acts of perverted sex for fun. Their whole identity revolves around what disgusting things they do with their genitals. How sad to have no other identity. There is more to life than playing with your genitals and doing sick things with them. Get a life and actually do something of value. All they do is mock normal and attack good people including kids. They are trash

  • Joe says:

    Finally, he is referred to as a pronoun HE! This is what needs to be done instead of playing into their game. Even FOX’s Hannity refers to them as she and her. He needs to stop it and prove to his audience that he is as tough as he tries to make himself out to be. NEWSMAX is the conservative network. Tucker and Laura are still good, but the Hannity is one that sways to the left now. “95% of the FBI are good people because my family was in law enforcement.” Maybe 60% on a good day. This guy tranny is a pervert that uses children for their pleasure, and this is sick!!



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