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Migrant Mob Torch Mayor’s Home, Wife and Kids Injured Escaping

Migrant riots continued in France for the 5th day as a violent mob attacked the home of the mayor of a Paris suburb, forcing his wife and children to flee in terror. The wife and one child were injured in what mayor called an “assassination attempt”

A violent mob attacked the home of Mayor Vincent Jeanbrun in Paris suburb L’Haÿ-les-Roses, a bedroom community of 31.000, as Jeanbrun posted at 6:46 am local time today, Valeurs Actuelles reports.

Vincent Jeanbrun was at town hall, as he has been for the previous three nights of rioting, leaving his wife and two children home alone when rioters smashed down the gates with a burning vehicle at 1:30 am Sunday morning. They set fire to the house, garbage cans and the family car, and shot fireworks at the house.

The mayor’s wife had to flee their home under attack, lifting their children over the wall to the neighbors’ yard, injuring themselves in the process. The wife and one of the children were hospitalized with fractures. The two children were “very traumatized”, FranceInfo reports.

According to public prosecutor Stéphane Hardouin, the attackers probably intended “to burn down the house”. “Initial findings lead us to believe that the vehicle was launched to burn down the bungalow”, the public prosecutor told the press. “An accelerant was discovered in a bottle of coke”.

Jeanbrun called it an “incredibly cowardly assassination attempt” and a “milestone in horror and disgrace.” “My determination to serve and protect my country is greater than ever,” Jeanbrun said. “I will never back down.”

The worst rioting took place in the Mediterranean port city of Marseilles last night, according to FranceInfo. There were 719 arrests Saturday night, 994 Friday night and 1311 Thursday night. 45 police officers were injured Saturday night, after 515 the week before. 577 vehicles torched and 74 buildings set on fire. 871 fires were set on streets.

French riot police were seen deploying in cities and making arrests:

Police deployed to the Champs-Elysees at 3:30 am and started making 194 arrests in and around Paris, accoring to the Minister of the Interior.

In the city of Chambéry near the Swiss border, local patriots organized a militia to patrol the streets:

A large residential building was reported on fire in Grigny, France:

  • Linda says:

    Coming soon to America!

  • Billy Childers says:

    You can expect continuing terrorism to escalate in this country. No one knows who is coming into this country. If you don’t think this is going to happen in this country, then you are a fool. Biden and the elite democrats are planning for this to happen around election as a smoke screen for fraud in the next election. If the democrats win the next election, you can say goodbye to this country because it will no be the United States of America. It will be a third world country.

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