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McCarthy Announces Plan for 1st Day of GOP-Led Congress

Kevin McCarthy already has plans for Jan. 3, the first day of the 118th congressional session, as Republicans regain control of the House of Representatives.

The current House minority leader said the entirety of the United States Constitution will be read on the first day of the new Congress.

McCarthy revealed in a Friday tweet that House members will read the document into the congressional record.

The California congressman added that this “hasn’t been done in years.”

House Republicans made an annual reading of the Constitution a congressional tradition starting in 2011. The tradition presumably came to an end when Democrats secured a House majority in 2018.

The reading of the Constitution in the House could be compared to an older Senate tradition in which President George Washington’s Farewell Address is read aloud by senators.

That annual tradition dates back to 1896 and is practiced regardless of the upper chamber’s partisan majority.

As the leader of the Republican Party’s caucus in the House, McCarthy is slated to take the role of speaker of the House from Nancy Pelosi in January.

McCarthy already won an internal GOP leadership contest, surviving a symbolic challenge from Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs.

But he’ll need to be elected speaker on the House floor, and he isn’t a sure bet to secure the speakership with ease.

Votes for speaker of the House are typically party-line votes, and McCarthy won’t have much room for error.

He’ll preside over a paper-thin Republican majority, with his party having secured 220 seats in the lower chamber as of Friday. A bare majority in the House requires 218 votes.

A handful of Republican stragglers could derail McCarthy’s legislative agenda.

The tentative speaker has pledged to focus on oversight of President Joe Biden’s administration.

He’s suggested that investigations of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas could lead to the Biden border czar’s impeachment.

  • John says:

    Let’s see fake Rino treasonous McCarthy, the way he’ll make it go is, DAY 1 : he’ll act like he’s a trump party backer like the 78 million voters who got their votes stolen and destroyed by the hog jowl McConnell and pansy treasonous hillbilly Lindsey Graham party of rinos, DAY 2 : he’ll start making alliances with the democrat Communist pedophile loving, New World Order Satan worshipping Antichrist Chinese & Democrats satanic party, while Consulting with the corrupted filthy child molesting protecting Democrat and rino judges of Epstein Island, DAY 3: he’ll start selling out our Constitution and country by making sure all the Rinos that still haven’t been removed start voting for Democratic Antichrist New World Order policies and give them an increase for doing so in their paychecks while the rest of us suffer and under fake fraudulent shortages and hysteria viruses devised by a demonic satanic N.W.O.DEMOCRAT GOV of demons as they impose more fake mandates, restrictions and threats against us and our children,
    DAY 4: we should be activating every real legal American citizen finding out where they can go to constitutionally sign up the defend our country from a domestic terrorist attack being launched by a tyrannical treasonous corrupted Democrat communist LED illegal coup by a fraudulently elected forced upon us corrupt gov, DAY 5 : Real Americans under a domestic terrorist attack should Claire a massive Civil War and unrest against domestic terrorists Invaders , who are declaring civil war against all constitutional Americans anyway , but they’re too much of cowards and demonic pigs to admit it , by continually attacking every American citizen daily on a constitutional illegal , treasonous , tyrannical basis in order to infuriate the people so they can gun us down in our own streets without getting gunned down back by an immediate executive unconstitutional communist Democrat orders to constantly and forcibly try to remove our first and second amendment rights by a Democrat fascist nazi attack & confiscations of wealth resources guns food and other valuables to enrich their demonic agenda this was done before in history under Adolf Hitler , the game plan is the same with these demons , which means nothing to us Real Americans now now today because these Democrat domestic terrorist fascist pigs under this communist fraudulently elected Antichrist demonic coup of overpaid demons I’ve always stated this is their agenda openly by the demons they put in positions of power forcibly and by corrupted elections , they are trying to play God, but Satan’s minions and the Satan Antichrist leader of America are going to get hell on Earth instead, because constitutionally Free People who are completely Fed up, and other nations who feel the same globally, let’s see then how they’re going to stop people who have nothing to lose anymore , they’re going to create hell on Earth for themselves and their demonic communist Antichrist satanic party cuz now they have money and brainwashed enough week pathetic American idiot citizens who will protect their paycheck over a constitution and you can guess what spoonfed government entitlement culture of uneducated brainwash government racist who will be a big part of that , the same caliber of demons who sold their soul for a cell phone, but before they get sent to hell for eternity by God himself, they’re going to experience some hell down here on Earth they created themselves to bring to hell with them.

  • Barbara Douglas says:

    We shall see what we shall see.

  • Robinson says:

    Commendable, but a waste of time. Democrats don’t give a flying fuck about the constitution.

  • LOL says:

    Paul Ryan 2.0. Lets go McCarthy!



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