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Major Baby Formula Recalled After Potentially Deadly Bacteria Discovered

At least five batches of ByHeart Whole Nutrition Infant Formula were recalled, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The recall is “due to the potential for cross-contamination with cronobacter sakazakii,” the FDA said, according to a Tuesday report.

A third-party agency sampled the formula and discovered it tested positive for the bacteria.

Cronobacter “can cause severe, life-threatening infections,” including sepsis and meningitis, according to the recall.

“All product packaged [the day the formula that tested positive was manufactured], and the first production on the next day, was isolated for destruction and not distributed,” ByHeart said in its recall notice.

“Out of an abundance of caution, we are now recalling all product produced during the entire production run.”

Products affected by the recall include ByHeart Whole Nutrition Infant Formula, a milk-based powder with iron.

No illnesses as a result of ByHeart’s recalled items have been reported.

  • NoneForMyBaby!! says:

    IDK the way they paused baby formula and covid vaccine similar? The way our children are being attacked by radicals? The vaccine being turned into a weapon of genocide? I wouldn’t trust Baby Formula in Biden’s America!! You Know The Big Guy!!! Yeah Yeah Traitor Joe!!!

    • Mary Krollzik says:

      It’s all done on Purpose, and the People are so stupid and don’t kick Biden out off Office, he is tourchering you People and yet no one says anything

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