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Judge Chutkan Denies Trump’s Motion Seeking Her Removal from 2020 Election Case

An Obama-appointed federal judge rejected a motion from former President Donald Trump calling on her to recuse herself from the case involving his challenge to the results of the 2020 election Wednesday.

United States District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan denied the motion in a 20-page opinion after former President Trump’s attorneys cited statements she made while sentencing two defendants in cases connected to the riot at the Capitol building on Jan. 6, 2021.

Special counsel Jack Smith secured a four-count indictment of Trump relating to his efforts to contest the results of the 2020 election on Aug. 1 after he secured a 37-count indictment against Trump in June based on an investigation into allegations surrounding classified documents.

“[T]he people who mobbed that Capitol were there in fealty, in loyalty, to one man — not to the Constitution, of which most of the people who come before me seem woefully ignorant; not to the ideals of this country; and not to the principles of democracy,” Chutkan said during the sentencing hearing for Christine Priola, according to the court filing.

“It’s a blind loyalty to one person who, by the way, remains free to this day.”

“The issue of who has or has not been charged is not before me,” she said while sentencing Robert Scott Palmer, another defendant in a case stemming from the riot.

“I don’t have any influence on that. I have my opinions, but they are not relevant.”

In her ruling, Chutkan denied claims that her comments during the sentencing hearings were indicative of bias.

“The court has never taken the position the defense ascribes to it: that former ‘President Trump should be prosecuted and imprisoned,’” Chutkan wrote in her opinion.

Chutkan has scheduled trial to begin March 4, 2024, over the vigorous objections of defense lawyers who said that would not give them enough time to prepare. The case in Washington’s federal court is one of four criminal cases confronting the former president as he seeks to regain the White House.

  • TahDah says:

    Political activist, biased judge. Our justice system is corrupt as the day is long. Pray for President Trump, for the Rule of Law and for real justice to be served upon these criminal hacks. She doesn’t belong on the bench. She belongs in Gitmo along with the puppet master that appointed her.

    #UCMJ #JusticeIsComing

  • Rick says:

    The Democrat judges are even more partisan and corrupt, than the politicians.

  • P Revere says:

    This Jacobin judge, $hitkan, thinks she is the reincarnation of Madam Defarge, and she is ready to send Trump to the guillotine from her court in her 2023 version of the Tale of Two Cities, with her DC court now being the center of their revolution.
    The fringe Left are zealously pushing forward the notion that citizens should dedicate themselves through the woke “virtue” agenda of DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) to the state, and should be policed to ensure their DEI endeavors are implemented. Thus, we get the soldiers of the state, like Bragg, Willis, and Chutkan, supported by a Bolshevist Left and DOJ, in their attempts to bring Trump and any of his followers to a malicious if not malevolent end.
    It is time for the voters to take a more aggressive stance than just avoiding woke beers and woke sporting events. It is time to start holding people to account. The primaries are here. It is time for voters to oust the woke incumbents on principle, the go along to get alongs, and start putting people into office who are ready to defend the Constitution and what it stands for: protected and defended borders, law and order police and judges, two parent households, protection of the children, no more gender dysphoria, civics taught in schools, not CRT, meritocracy, not racial disharmony and tribal warfare. And a govt that lives within its means, not an overspending politburo that takes from the many to reward the few.
    Drain the swamp and get rid of the globalists. Jail the raiders, robbers, the thugs and the thieves. Support Competitive interests over one party dominance. That is the American legacy. It is time to bring it back.
    Don’t let the Fisk, Bloomberg, and Soros dollars buy off another election. Americans are better than that! Get off your a$$e$ and get out and vote! Locally as well as nationally. School board decisions are as important as the POTUS. We have seen how the soccer mom mafias have destroyed the classroom and young American manhood. TGs are a failure of the education system and of a one dimensional Left. Put some “Deion Sanders” back into the system! Reward achievement and success! Pride of ownership! Don’t wait for a govt handout! Learn how to overcome obstacles. Earn your own, don’t steal from your neighbor! That is an America we can all live with. Make it happen! Get out and vote! The America you save could well be your own.

  • phil garcia says:

    The judge is a liberal hack and should be removed. Guess she thinks she’s the only one qualified to judge the trail

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