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John Fetterman Delivers Nasty Insult to GOP, Leaves MSNBC Host Stammering

Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) delivered a nasty insult to House Republicans during a Monday interview, leaving MSNBC host Chris Hayes apparently shocked and struggling to redirect the conversation.

Hayes asked Fetterman to weigh in on the looming potential government shutdown – and ongoing battles among House Republicans over whether to work out a compromise or push for more spending concessions from their Democratic counterparts — and the Pennsylvania senator lashed out at the ones who were choosing to fight.


“How things have operated since that deal was – a bipartisan deal was struck for certain topline spending numbers for all of the funding bill that have to be passed to make the budget, keep the government running,” Hayes began.

“The Senate has basically been delivering those, and passing them by big, 91-7 bipartisan majorities,” he continued.

“The House today looks like it’s falling apart, you’ve already got 17 no votes in that House Republican Caucus saying we’re not passing anything — what do you think’s happening here?”

Fetterman responded by praising his colleagues in the Senate, saying that they were “really about governance” and that he was proud to work alongside them.

“The House, the whatever they call themselves Team America or whatever they call themselves, I am just like – hey, I am just like, bring your vote, you know, otherwise they need to go hump a different leg,” Fetterman said, apparently referencing the House Freedom Caucus.

For a moment, Hayes said nothing at all — and then he appeared to have a hard time redirecting the conversation. “Um — the – you were in – uh — you drove your — I think it was a Ford …”

Fetterman has been the topic of a number of discussions of late, particularly since his penchant for hoodies and athletic shorts recently inspired Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to sign off on a relaxation of the Senate’s longstanding dress code.

  • Michael T says:

    Why is this sick man not institutionalized?

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