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Jill Biden’s New Year’s Outfit Brutally Mocked

Trump supporters are ridiculing Jill Biden’s New Year’s Eve outfit, comparing it to “gift wrap,” “drapes” and a “fruitcake.”

President Joe Biden and the First Lady made a cameo during Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest on Sunday. The couple appeared via video call from Saint Croix, in the Virgin Islands, where they were vacationing during the festive season.

During the interview with host Ryan Seacrest, the Bidens shared their hopes for 2024, which included wishing Americans a “healthy and happy New Year” and that citizens will be “positive, optimistic and kind to one another.”

However, Jill Biden’s attire seemed to grab as much attention as her words. The 72-year-old wore a black bejeweled dress with a sheer neckline and sleeves trimmed with black glitter, while Joe Biden donned a navy suit and shirt for the call.

“#JillBiden’s outfit looks like Christmas gift wrap. She has no fashion sense,” said Lana Miersen on X, formerly Twitter.

“She is certainly not a Dr of Fashion,” said @RetreadPA.

K1llroy described the outfit as “A holiday Fruitcake dress!” while Zeppenwolf said: “She looks like she lost a fight with my great grandma’s tablecloth.”

Others compared the educator to former First Lady Melania Trump. The wife of former President Donald Trump, the 53-year-old’s fashion sense also divided opinion recently—particularly the outfit she wore to Rosalyn Carter’s funeral.

“Jill Biden is no Melania Trump,” wrote conservative political consultant Roger Stone.

“Not even close!” agreed SamJ.

However, many users defended Jill Biden, with user Nui Cat calling her “an outstanding First Lady and champion for the American people.”

“Jill Biden has class, is well-educated, and cares deeply about others,” said @RETJ55.

“There are more important things to worry about than what she’s wearing,” wrote @BrendaMBooth50.

“I doubt this is on Jill Biden’s radar,” agreed Scandal929.

“I’m really shocked that so many of you trump women behave like this? You all could learn from Jill Biden on how to be a nice, modest and kind woman,” said @Snakesnaked.

This isn’t the first time comparisons have been drawn between the current First Lady and Melania Trump.

During a recent appearance on Fox News, Outkick host Charley Arnolt described the former model as “the perfect example” of a First Lady, while calling Jill Biden’s White House decorations “a joke.”

On December 22, American Sunrise host Gina Loudon said: “Melania was all about class and grace,” before claiming that Jill Biden “can’t even focus on anything because her husband has gone so far down in dementia land.”

  • E'beth says:

    I’m not one to bash anyone who has tastes different than mine but I do expect people who rule our country to have some idea what is appropriate in representing us…..usually what we expect as appropriate dress is something simple, neat, and nothing to distract from the importance of their position in government…..evidently, judging from the many remarks from readers, the First Lady dressed basically from her own tastes in fashion and not from protocol that is expected from a First Lady….that to me suggests our First Lady is not interested in abiding by protocol and representing herself as a person who loves this country and the citizens who live here but for her own ego.



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