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Jesse Watters: Here’s What the Media Don’t Want You to Know About Rising COVID Numbers

With media beginning to fearmonger the public about rising COVID cases and reports of mask mandates coming back, Fox News’s Jesse Watters sought to bring viewers the full truth about what’s behind the numbers.

“President Biden declared COVID over last year but the media is begging for a comeback tour,” he said, before cutting to a clip of NBC News highlighting the rising case numbers.

“NBC News is deceiving you by denying you the real reason there’s a tiny uptick in cases,” he said.

“COVID follows seasonal and regional patterns. Every year there’s three waves,” Watters explained. “One starts in New England in the spring, the second travels north from Mexico in the summer, and the third wave travels in all directions from the Dakotas in the fall.

“Deaths and hospitalizations are dramatically down from last year,” the host continued. “There are more people hospitalized for falling down than are hospitalized for COVID right now. Six-thousand more people are in the hospital because they tripped and fell than got COVID. NBC News isn’t telling everybody to start buying walkers and canes. But real data is the enemy of politicians seeking total control. The less you know, the easier you are to subjugate.”

Watters then referenced how mask mandates have been implemented at Morris Brown College, despite there being no reported cases of COVID on campus. The southern college wasn’t alone. A Hollywood studio is also requiring employees wear N-95s.

“In Los Angeles, you have a better chance of catching a bullet than a deadly strain of COVID,” Watters joked.

The Fox News host then played a clip of CBS’s “Face the Nation” discussing a “highly mutated strain of COVID” that has shown up in the U.S.

“The expert CBS was talking to was Scott Gottlieb, who is on the board of Pfizer,” which Watters pointed out might just have a financial interest in selling new boosters coming this fall.

“Were beginning to wonder if this year’s mutant variant scare tactic pushed on network TV is less about saving lives and more about lining corporate pockets,” Watters concluded.

  • Louis says:

    With every turn of the screw by the global elites for complete control, only hastens their demise. They’ll be the first to go. Robespierre wasn’t all wrong. ONE TO THE HEAD – DONE!



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