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Israel’s Defense Minister Tells Troops to ‘Be Ready’ for Ground Invasion Order

The Israel Defense Forces said Thursday military leaders are currently approving operational plans for a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip.

“As part of the completion of the preparation for the continuation of the fighting, the approval of operational plans and the deployment of forces in the field are currently happening,” the IDF said, adding that Maj. Gen. Yaron Finkelman, the head of the IDF Southern Command, was touring the units currently stationed in southern Israel.

”Now, our maneuvers are going to take the war into their territory. It’s going to be long, it’s going to be intense, the best commanders and soldiers are here,” Finkelman told troops at the front lines, according to IDF.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also visited troops near the Gaza border Thursday and assured them that Israel will prevail in the conflict with Hamas.

“We are going to win with all our might,” Netanyahu said, according to the Times of Israel.

“All of Israel is behind you, and we are going to heavily strike our enemies so that we can achieve victory.”

Israel has amassed tens of thousands of troops on the border with Gaza after Hamas infiltrated the Jewish state through the south and slaughtered hundreds of Israelis on October 7.

An Israeli invasion to eradicate the terrorist group has been anticipated for days and it is unclear when it will begin.


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