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Israel Declares State of ‘War,’ Mobilizes Troops After Attack on Holy Land

Israel declared an all out “state of war” on Saturday after Palestinian terrorists reportedly fired thousands of rockets from inside Gaza and while dozens of highly armed terrorists infiltrated parts of Israel opening fire on innocent civilians.

The attacks were carried out by Hamas, an Islamic terrorist group that is funded in-part by Iran, during the holiday of Simchat Torah and on Shabbat — the Jewish day of rest that is observed by many in Israel.

Terrorist Mohammad Deif, Hamas’s military chief, said that his militants fired 5,000 rockets into Israel as part of “Operation Al-Aqsa Storm.”

He called for surrounding Islamic nations to join the Palestinian terrorists in their attacks on Israel.

Israel Defense Forces released a map only a few hours into the attack that showed all the places where rockets from the attack had landed.

The IDF suggested that the number of rockets fired into Israel was approximately 2,500.

An exact number of fatalities was unknown during the early stages of the attack, although it is expected to be high, but local reports said that hundreds of people were injured in the attacks and that number is expected to grow.

“Hamas made a grave mistake this morning and started a war against the State of Israel,” said Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. “IDF soldiers are fighting the enemy at all the infiltration sites,” Gallant says in remarks provided by his office. The State of Israel will win this war.”

The IDF said that “the Hamas terrorist organization will pay a heavy price for its actions.”

Images and video circulating on social media that were reported on by various newswires, major newspapers, and local publications showed horrifying scenes as rockets smashed into the side of residential buildings, cars and at least one military tank were on fire, numerous bodies lay on the ground in pools of blood, the bodies of Israeli soldiers were desecrated by Palestinians, and Islamic terrorists roamed the streets hunting for Israeli citizens. There were also reports that hostages may have been taken — Israeli soldiers and potentially civilians — and it appears that the terrorists were able to steal significant military hardware from Israel.

Warning: Some of the images and videos below contain highly graphic footage.

  • MK says:

    Ilham Omar, the biggest anti Semite Democrat is probably dancing and throwing a party tonight. Isreal, don’t expect much help from flip flopper traitor Joe Bidiot! The new Democraper party is nobody’s friend unless your a criminal, freak, illegal alien crossing the southern border, communist, pedifile or a candidate for a member of the idiocracy they want as constituents!

  • See more says:

    Leader of Iran came on TV and told Biden he would spend that 6 billion the way he sees fit. Biden you are a lot the blame for this. Israel may God bless you and take Hamas down all the way.

  • Sue s says:

    Israel needs to finish them. Wipe them off the planet. They do not want to coexist with anyone and we all know Israel has tried.

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