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‘I’m Instagram Famous, You F***ing Bum’: Entitled Influencer Kicked Off Plane After Meltdown

A angry, entitled woman was kicked off an American Airlines flight following a massive meltdown that went viral Sunday.

35-year-old Morgan Osman, a self-proclaimed “designer” and Instagram influencer, went on a foul-mouthed tirade toward her fellow passengers after getting into an argument with one. The Daily Express reported Monday Osman was traveling to Miami when the meltdown occurred.

In the video captured by the Daily Mail, Osman starts shouting at a passenger while taking her luggage from the overhead department.

Call me a b**** again. I did nothing wrong!

When someone tells her to shut up, Osman says “”No you shut the f*** up! You shut the f*** up, and you’re a b***h.”


Osman then starts walking down the aisle when she spots a female passenger filming the tantrum on her phone. The inlfuencer turns around and says:

Film me, I’m Instagram famous, you f***ing bum

The passengers can be heard erupting in laughter as she exits the plane.

Social media users had a few things to say regarding the incident.

This epic meltdown also brings back memories of the Tiffany Gomas “that motherf***** isn’t real!” saga which Jim Hoft extensively reported on for the Gateway Pundit. The incident forced everyone onboard to deplane.

  • Darlin1111 says:

    Why is she wearing her “jammies” on an airplane???

  • John says:

    Why is this piece of shi! not in jail? Folks like her are the main reason I don’t fly anymore. Another reason is it makes my arms too tired to go very far and I have a hard time landing, and a go around is out of the question….

  • John says:

    What is wrong with her face. Mainly the lip area… What did she do? Run into a wart hog?

  • TD says:

    That instagram famous loser should put her Tits away and put some cloths on that don’t show her camel toe, What a life

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