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Hunter Biden Sues Ex-Overstock CEO for Defamation

Hunter Biden launched a lawsuit on Wednesday against former CEO, Patrick Byrne, for defamation, claiming Byrne falsely accused him of soliciting a bribe from Iran.

The complaint filed in the Central District of California alleges Byrne made defamatory comments in June and on October 8, 2023, about an alleged connection between the president’s son and Iran.

“Plaintiff brings this action for defamation against Byrne because he has made, published, and repeated false and defamatory statements about Plaintiff, knowing full well that the statements are false, for the purpose of subjecting Plaintiff to harassment, intimidation, and harm,” the complaint claimed.

Byrne suggested, according to the complaint, that Hunter Biden contacted the Iranian government and offered to have President Joe Biden unfreeze money in exchange for a bribe.

“These defamatory statements by Byrne are not merely false and not merely malicious — they are completely outrageous” and “complete nonsense,” the complaint says.

The lawsuit stated Byrne reposted the allegation on X after Hamas perpetrated terror on Israel.

“The clear implication of Byrne’s October 8, 2023 posts was that Plaintiff’s allegedly criminal and corrupt actions had contributed to the terrorist attacks by Hamas,” the complaint said.

The lawsuit is the latest in legal actions brought against Hunter Biden, who previously sued the IRS and Rudy Giuliani.

  • Hank and Skank says:

    Punk ass Hunter sues instead of getting a real job as the judge had instructed him to do. He is a disgrace. He should be in jail. Instead of taking it like a man, with all the wrong he has done, he sues people.

    Don’t settle. Take the dirty, nasty, fucker all the way to court. Let him explain to everyone why he needs the money to by crack and whores. Because he’s the President’s son.

    • Brighteyes says:

      funnest thing of all is I guess because of all the crack and whatever drug he could get his hands on his memory is shot! He must not recall an interview on 60 minutes stating he knew he likely got foreign businesses was because of his name and not actual experience! Not to mention all the crap he posted on his laptop his own personal diary with pictures and everything; his emails and his arranged trips by dear old Dad on Airforce one which daddy’s staff arranged Bidens are all liars and crooks!

    • Mary says:

      He needs Money and is to lazy to go to Work

  • Rita says:

    Oh I thought I was going to read Patrick Byrne called him decent and honest.

  • Kadok says:

    hunter is doing everything he can to allow his daddy the big guy to sic the doj and fbi on peopel he doesn’t agree with…

  • Cheryl says:

    I’m tired of this POS still wondering the streets!!! He should be jailed along with his POS dad!!! She are the guilty going to get punished??

  • Loring says:

    How can you defame what isn’t there?

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