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Hunter Biden Appears In Court For Paternity Hearing

First son Hunter Biden says he has already paid $750,000 in child support to his baby mama as he seeks to cut down the monthly payments, his lawyers revealed in an Arkansas court Monday.

President Biden’s 53-year-old son appeared in person for the paternity suit hearing in Batesville amid his ongoing battle to reduce payments for the 4-year-old daughter he has with Lunden Roberts, 32 — a former stripper with whom had he a month-long affair.

His attorney, Abbe Lowell, argued that Hunter has been paying $20,000 a month to support little Navy Joan since a paternity test revealed he was the father.

Lowell dropped the previously undisclosed figure as attorneys for both sides squabbled over discovery during the two-hour-long hearing.

Hunter – dressed in a dark suit and tie – took notes and briefly whispered to his attorneys during the hearing.

Unlike Roberts, whose family members crowded into the row behind her, Hunter was flanked only by his lawyers and two Secret Service agents.

Earlier, around a dozen law enforcement officers had stood in the parking lot of the Independence County Court as Hunter, dressed in a dark suit and tie, was whisked into the courthouse via a back entrance shortly before the 9 a.m. hearing got underway.

The case has been ongoing since Roberts filed a paternity suit in Arkansas Circuit Court back in 2019 after Hunter denied fathering the little girl, Navy Joan.

A DNA test subsequently confirmed Hunter was the father and he agreed to start paying monthly child support to Roberts.

Hunter has never met his daughter and hasn’t publicly acknowledge her existence.

The paternity case was reopened last September when Hunter asked the court to recalculate his monthly payments due to an alleged “substantial material change” in his financial situation. It has previously been reported he had agreed to a payment totaling round $2.5 million for Navy.

His baby mama quickly fired back by demanding proof of Hunter’s financial records — including his art sales, properties and even details of his tax issues.

Her lawyers also rejected Hunter’s assertion of so-called financial difficulties, saying in court docs that the president’s son is actually “living lavishly” and has retained $850-per-hour attorneys to help him fight his case.

“Mr. Biden claims to be nothing more than a Yale educated attorney/artist who is somewhat financially destitute and needs his child support adjusted,” Roberts’ attorney, Clinton Lancaster, wrote in a 12-page motion.

“However, for an artist living on meager means, Mr. Biden is living lavishly.”

The attorney added: “He travels the world on the safest and most comfortable airplane in existence — Air Force One.”

  • Truth4life says:

    As we look at this only Hunter look at it on other people going through the same problems in divorce. Does she have to pay taxes on the $20K a month she gets? Can he deduct the $20K from his earnings? I think both are no. IRS and the president should be looking at fair tax laws when these things happen. Even IRS will give refunds to the one with the child to help raise them. I think Biden just approved going from $2K to $4k per child with persons making under a certain amount of money. Does she qualify for that also? There is more to this than just Hunter/child which he should support!!!

  • Common sense in America???? says:

    Biden Jr is a sin-sick human. Just like “The Big Guy”!!!
    How can he even claim to be a destitute “artist”????
    Just like my ex who claimed to the court he was going to retire and “help his mom run the farm”. The “farm” was 5 acres of weeds, one dog, one cat and a handful of chicks!!! They literally produced nothing!!!
    He wanted to sound all noble like Radar O’Reilly on MASH or something.
    Such a weak mama’s boy!!!
    Biden Jr is a very sick person who is evil to the core!!!

  • bill says:

    WHY is that hunter is allowed to have security guards (paid for with tax payer dollars) around him all the time while WE are being denied the right to protect ourselves. And WHY is he allowed to lie in a court room and have no accountability or court action against him?

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