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Hillary Clinton is ‘Running Again’

Twice-failed presidential candidate and former first lady Hillary Clinton is back, and she is “running again.”

Don’t panic just yet. She is not running for president or elected office again. Instead, she is running into the office of Dean Keren Yahri-Milo at Columbia University to help her co-teach a class on foreign policy decision-making this fall.

Yes, you did just read that correctly; Hillary Clinton has been hired by Columbia University to co-teach a class on foreign policy.

Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs made the announcement on Twitter on Thursday with a cringey video that began with students getting alerts on their phones saying that Hillary Clinton was “running again,” before cutting to an eager Clinton jogging into Dean Yahri-Milo’s office.

When the dean told her that she was six months early for the course, Clinton replied, “I wanted to be prepared Keren. You know, when it comes to crisis situations, you’ve always got to be prepared.”

The dean then responded, “I think you’re more prepared than anyone to teach this course.”

After discussing that Yahri-Milo would teach the theoretical side of foreign policy, while Clinton would give the students examples of these theories put into action, the dean then asked, “are you ready for whatever questions the students throw at you?”

Clinton simply replied, “Bring it on.”

Unfortunately for Clinton, the video did not generate the response she was hoping for, as people on Twitter responded to the announcement by roasting her for the cringeworthy video.

Others said that Hillary Clinton was the last person on earth who should be teaching students foreign policy, given the countless scandals and blunders that plagued her time as secretary of state.

Perhaps the most interesting moment in the video was when the dean asked whether she was prepared for the questions that the students would ask, because there is a ton that people would love to ask her about.

For instance, why did she not help the stranded Americans in Benghazi? What happened with regard to her email server? Some people may even be tempted to ask what happened to Jeffrey Epstein.

The fact that Clinton is teaching a foreign policy class is bad enough, but it gets worse when one remembers that her students will be the future of American foreign policy.

If they model their foreign policy after the example of Hillary Clinton, our country is in big trouble.

  • Chris says:

    Hillary is the Female version of FORREST GUMP. She’s always running. Pure Idiot.

  • No more Hillary we are tired of you.

  • EZ says:

    we really need to implement cognitive screening be passed before an individual is allowed to run for any type of government position. all around the world, all I see is a bunch of power hungry “tards” running this world into another apocalypse

  • phrowt says:

    Wonder if a question about her foreign policy action in Libya and the gun running to Syria will come up.

  • Darla says:

    Treason 101: How to commit and get away with it.

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