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Here Are the Republicans Who Voted for Andy Biggs and Jim Jordan

Nineteen House Republicans on Tuesday abandon fellow GOP Rep. Kevin McCarthy in the first and rounds of balloting for speaker.

The loss on first round was the first time that has happened in roughly 100 years, according to

The balloting in the first round was:

Ten voted for Arizona GOP Rep. Andy Biggs:

  • Andy Biggs (Ariz.)
  • Dan Bishop (N.C.)
  • Andrew Clyde (Ga.)
  • Eli Crane (Ariz.)
  • Matt Gaetz (Fla.)
  • Bob Good (Va.)
  • Paul Gosar (Ariz.)
  • Ralph Norman (S.C.)
  • Scott Perry (Pa.)
  • Matt Rosendale (Mont.)

Six voted for Ohio GOP Rep. Jim Jordan:

  • Lauren Boebert (Colo.)
  • Mike Cloud (Texas)
  • Anna Paulina Luna (Fla.)
  • Mary Miller (Ill.)
  • Andy Ogles (Tenn.)
  • Keith Self (Texas)

One for Indiana GOP Rep. Jim Banks:

  • Josh Brecheen (Okla.)

One for Florida GOP Rep. Byron Donalds

  • Chip Roy (Texas)

One for New York GOP Rep. Lee Zeldin

  • Andy Harris (Md.)

In the second round, all 19 for the divided first-round votes went for Jordan.

  • maga24 says:

    McCarthy is weak, he will sell us out with amnesty for illegals, more money for undeclared wars in Ukraine, and continuous printing and spending of money they do not have. McCarthy cannot be trusted and should never be speaker.
    HR1 needs to be TERM LIMITS, HR2 needs to be BALANCED BUDGET and SINGLE ISSUE BILLS with straight up or down votes. NO MORE OMNIBUS BILLS.

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    JJ would be my choice. He’s a bulldog (like NO ONE else). However, he doesn’t want it. He’d rather concentrate on the Committee’s hes’ on. Scalese has been voted in by Perry, Gaetz, and Gosar – ALL on the House Freedom Caucus, (Perry is the Chairman). I don’t think Scalese is as hardnosed as JJ, but I’ll go w/ him. The RINO’S aren’t killing the GOP. We know who they are. Its the rest of the SPINELESS GOP members who will turn 180 on a dime that are killing us. The House Freedom Caucus will come to the forefront as the ONLY entity willing to fight for freedom and liberty. WATCH FOR IT!

  • Juan says:

    Gates speach in congress was right on, Jim Jordan is absolutely the best person we could have as House Speaker. His financial picture shows he doesn’t play the corrupt game 99% of politicians are involved in. He’s smart and been around long enough to know exactly how to do the job and get things done. I sadly don’t think he has a chance and it’s pretty much guaranteed that the RINO McCarthy will end up being speaker.

  • Jeff N says:

    Sean Hannity called the revoting “a clown show”. I agree. Why weren’t there discussions between Republicans so that issues and disagreements were resolved???? Instead, they merely took another vote and was surprised that the count was virtually the same. Many Republicans want different leaders. The GOP had almost all of December to “iron out” differences. They knew who was coming in and who was leaving. Until a Speaker is chosen, NOTHING CAN HAPPEN.



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