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Here are the Names Being Floated to Replace Pat Sajak

Several names have surfaced as possible replacements for retiring “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak, who is walking away from the popular game show after more than 40 years.

Celebrities like Ryan Seacrest, Sajak’s longtime co-host Vanna White, and Whoopi Goldberg are just a few of the names being floated, Fox News reported.

The speculation comes after Sajak tweeted, “Well, the time has come. I’ve decided that our 41st season, which begins in September, will be my last. It’s been a wonderful ride, and I’ll have more to say in the coming months. Many thanks to you all. (If nothing else, it’ll keep the clickbait sites busy!)”

Seacrest seems to be a top contender among speculators, given that he’s got a lot of experience as the host of “American Idol,” “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve,” and as host of the podcast “On Air With Ryan Seacrest.” Seacrest recently even stepped down as cohost of “Live With Kelly and Ryan,” leaving him technically free for a new hosting gig.

While Seacrest has yet to say anything publicly about the conjecture, noted that oddsmakers at BetOnline think Seacrest is second in line behind White. Sajak’s daughter Maggie Sajak is also in the running, according to BetOnline.

Vanna first appeared alongside Sajak in 1982. After Pat tweeted that the 41st season would be his last, White took to social media.

“When we started [WheelofFortune] who could have imagined we’d still be at it 41 seasons later? ” Vanna tweeted. “I couldn’t be happier to have shared the stage with you for all these years with one more to come. Cheers to you [patsajak] !”

Pat’s daughter Maggie joined the show in 2021 as a social correspondent and even filled in as a letter-turner for Vanna in May.

“It’s so much fun working with my dad,” Maggie tweeted following news of her dad’s retirement. “And we’re looking forward to even more fun in Season 41.”

“The View” cohost Whoopi Goldberg has also expressed her interest in landing the gig, calling it a job with “tons of fun.”

  • Tim says:

    Pick a younger host than Seacrest and others. Maybe have Vanna do it a year or two, then hand it off to a young new face.

  • Teresa says:

    If they put Whoopi in to replace Pat Sajak…NO MORE WHEEL…and I think that would be the sentiment of most conservatives which I’m guessing are the majority who watch WOF.

  • Boycotter says:

    Goldberg is a joke

    We support:
    Real America’s Voice for real news and Yuengling for real American beer !
    Kellogg’s, Cracker Barrel, META-Instagram, Pottery Barn, Marvel, LEGO,
    Chick-fil-A, PetSmart,
    Kohl’s, Always-P&G
    Tractor Supply, Target, Starbucks, Levi Strauss, Miller, Coors-Molson, Smirnoff, Ford, Fox, Nike, Google, Coke, Kraft-Heinz, Maybelline, Disney, ALL>Anheuser Busch products, Directv, & ALL mainstream media.
    Not one more cent or one more minute from our household will be spent on these anti-American freaks ! EVER !!

  • janet williams says:

    If Vanna wants the job she should get it, hands down. Not a fan of Ryan buy I guarantee if you put Whoopi in there, it will be the end of the show!!!

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