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‘Give Me My F***king Phone, N*gga!” – High School Student Punches Teacher in the Face for Taking His Phone

A Lamar High School student in Houston, Texas punched his teacher in the face after the male teacher took his phone.

The entire assault was captured on video.

The black student is heard telling the teacher, “Give me my f**king phone, nigga!”

The teacher stood his ground and said, “No!”

That’s when the teen pretended to back down but instead dug in and threw a haymaker at his teacher and hit him in the jaw! The teacher had no idea it was coming.

Here is the video.

According to TMZ.

The school’s principal reportedly sent a note to parents saying the school does not condone or tolerate this type of behavior. The principal says, “Administrators will be looking into the cause of the altercation and continue to evaluate ways to prevent these occurrences in the future.”

The teacher hasn’t been identified by name and hasn’t publicly commented about the incident.

This seems to be all too common in US schools today. We are seeing more and more incidents like this every few weeks.

  • Ed says:

    Wow, another innocent NIGGER. Niggers hate the word nigger, but they use it 24×7 and wonder why everyone else does too. And this is just another typical thug nigger.

  • Dorothy says:

    They think they are above the law. What a bunch of lawlessness bullies. They make me sick. Always quick to disapprove of authority. I wash the schools would become segregated. Better for all races. Let the Blacks go their own school and be taught by all Black teachers. Maybe they would try and learn some respect that way. I blame Biden and his Administration for this. Catering to the Blacks for God knows why. This is exactly how you become a racist. It is not their skin color it is totally their behavior. At least the younger Blacks. They think they will live forever.

  • Fima Giovanni says:

    Is really hard not to become racist after you see how blacks behave! They feel superior to whites and so they do as they please against whites. But what those dumb ass blacks don’t realize is, they’re pissing off so many whites that one of this day. Whites will have had enough and start a race war! When that happens it will be too late because the anger is so deep that they won’t stop until they wipe out the entire black race from America soil, end of story!

  • vickie says:

    well, im not black and i was when i saw the title of this story shocked at the N word….but it wasnt the white teacher saying it….it was the black student…..most teachers do not want the phone being used in the schools….i say they can have the phones but keep them hidden in their pocket or bag. just dont use them in the class rooms….have rules so students know if the teacher sees them using it in the classroom that it will be taken away and they can have it back when leaving the classroom. stick by the rule…dont give in …or kids will see you as …flip flop…..blacks and whites and hispanics and asians all follow the rules… as far as this black kid…he struck another person …teacher or not….he should be dealt with legally……or he will think he can always get away with it….also its different then just fighting with a school mate….he hit an adult…an authoridy figure….he needs to be taught to go through legal means if he wants something done…..if he is in the wrong…he needs to admit it……one more thing…….in todays world…CRAZY seems to be the NORM…..and its time to change that ….

  • John says:

    I blame stupid dem gov programmed & indoctrinated white & other cultures who act gutless & spineless, because these citizens were force-fed fear, threats & unconstitutional and illegal prosecution and incarceration from a corrupted fraudulent Democrat government for exercising their god-given, not constitutional given right, to protecting their very own lives & the lives of their families against these Democrat fake victim, violence programmed black entitlement paid Thug monkey Savages, every human being is born with the right to defend themselves against violent Lawless Savages trying to hurt, rob them, or kill them, this is what happens when you let a corrupted fascist oppressive Democrat government tell what cultures can protect themselves and which ones they embolden to do more crime chaos and murder for their violent programmed and indoctrinated entitlement communist agenda , these Democrat groomed demonic blacks commit 92% of the murders rape robbery and other crimes, it’s time for 92% of the American white men & other good cultures to grow a set and act like men instead of living in fear under a oppressive communist anti-white racist dem fraudulent coup d’etat government that will punish you if you fight to protect yourself against these organized dem domestic paid terrorists, fighting back against these demons is always better than losing your constitutional rights, Freedom’s,manhood & lives, to these Baby murdering demons & paid violent Dem entitlement violent thugs who continue their excused, unpunished, murderers and purposely go unprosecuted out of fear of more fake democrat & fake news media entitlement facist fake outrage if other cultures protect themselves and their lives this is Brad demonic fascist grooming to use and program cultures who sell their souls for free Trinkets and cell phones



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