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Funnel Cloud Seen Spinning Over U.S. Capitol Building

A funnel cloud was spotted over the US Capitol building on Tuesday as Speaker McCarthy floated an impeachment inquiry of Joe Biden.

McCarthy floated impeachment Monday night during an appearance on Fox News after it was reported Hunter Biden’s former business associate will testify on Joe Biden’s corruption.

Hunter Biden’s former associate and convicted felon, Devon Archer, is reportedly cooperating with Republican lawmakers and will testify this week on the $10 million Ukraine-Biden bribe.

According to New York Post reporter Miranda Devine, Devon Archer is going to sing like a canary and tell Congress that Hunter Biden put his dad, then-VP Joe Biden on speakerphone into meetings with his foreign business associates at least two dozen times.

“This is rising to level of impeachment inquiry…something we haven’t seen since Richard Nixon, used the weaponization of government to benefit his family and deny Congressional oversight,” McCarthy said of Biden’s crimes.

The House of Representatives is set to go on a six-week recess this week so the impeachment inquiry won’t begin until the fall.

Meanwhile, a funnel cloud spun over the Capitol on Tuesday as the House prepared to launch an impeachment inquiry of Joe Biden.

A meteorologist said the funnel cloud was not tornadic.

A photo of a dramatic lightning strike was captured next to the Capitol as thunderstorms moved through Washington.

  • Mutha Phucka says:

    Should have sucked up that piece of shit, son of a bitch, motherfucker!

  • ThePeopleArePissed says:

    Even the heavens are getting impatient to see indictments for treason.

  • Grant says:

    That’s the white house SPIN job.

  • John Gault says:

    An omen?

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