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Fox News Fans Rush to Welcome Back Harris Faulker After Beloved Host Reveals Health Update

Fox News host Harris Faulkner returned to the network this week in style after undergoing a medical procedure that she decided not to make public.

Faulkner shared a video of herself on Instagram, which showed the longtime Fox News host walking into the studio with a big smile on her face.

Faulkner, who is a co-host of “Outnumbered” and the host of “The Faulkner Focus” announced the procedure in an Instagram story to her fans, according to The Sun.

“Back tomorrow (from a medical procedure that went well, thank the Lord),” Faulkner wrote. The devout Christian host captioned her video, “Ready to take the week, are you?”


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Faulkner wasted little time in her return and made headlines on Tuesday when she spoke with former Trump White House adviser and chief economist at FreedomWorks Steve Moore about the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank.

Moore said the Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse might be the “tip of the iceberg” for the financial system. He went on to argue that the Biden administration’s spending caused the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, leading to financial problems for many major banks.

“I agree with the president that we don’t have an overall banking crisis. The system is sound, but I do think you have a lot of major banks that are in some trouble. And SVB, the Silicon Valley Bank, may just be the tip of the iceberg here. And I think it’s important for people to understand how this potential banking crisis happened. It’s not because there aren’t enough bank regulators, as Biden is trying to say. It’s because of the massive inflation and the trillions and trillions of dollars of borrowing that the federal government has done that has put our financial system in great jeopardy and great peril,” Moore said.

“You can’t just keep doing this month after month, year after year, borrowing trillions and trillions of dollars. And so what happened, because of the Biden spending and debt policies, is that not only did inflation go up, but interest rates have gone up. Harris, as you know, the Fed has had to raise interest rates eight or nine times, and they’re talking about more interest rate increases to come. And that’s caused a lot of financial problems for these big banks is the interest rates go up,” he added.


Another Fox News favorite recently returned after taking some time off herself.

Fox News “Outnumbered” co-host Kayleigh McEnany returned to the network after being absent for weeks following the birth of her second child.

Sean Hannity, who kicked off the segment by noting McEnany’s brand new book, spoke with former Arkansas GOP Gov. Mike Huckabee and McEnany about the upcoming 2024 presidential election. McEnany argued that Biden won’t be able to “sleep his way through” his 2024 presidential campaign as he did in 2020.

“While he’s obviously not prepared to run, the fact that the Democrats are now considering, well maybe we should go back to Al Gore or Hillary Clinton seems like a sign of desperation to me. And all I see in the Republican Party, um you know from Trump on down, is a deep solid bench of really strong America First, make America great again conservatives that would do a great job in an Administration,” Hannity said.

“Sure it tells you a lot: Al Gore, Hillary Clinton – that’s what we call reruns. It didn’t work the first time and it’s not going to work this time. There’s a robust bench to your point on the side of the Republican party. But Joe Biden, I mean, this is…he’s going to be coordinated that’s what’s going to happen,” McEnany said.

“He’s not going to have a meaningful primary challenge. Marianne Williamson, we all remember her, not going to work out there. But what I remember is being on Air Force One taking off with President Trump he would be setting off for five rallies. I could barely keep up with the man and then you would see Joe Biden’s team calling a lid at like 9 a.m. Calling a lid, meaning no more for the day,” she added.

McEnany continued: “He was able to sleep his way through the 2020 campaign thanks to covid-19. He cannot do that this time. And I’ve read reports that his allies and those who are supporting him are counting on the fact that they believe President Trump will be the nominee and he will pick a fight with the presidential debate commission. And therefore Joe Biden will not have to debate. Good luck with that because Trump trounced Joe Biden in a debate last time around. I watched it, it was the third presidential debate. Counting on hiding again not going to work.”


Last month, the former Trump administration press secretary announced she had written a book, “Serenity in the Storm: Living through Chaos by Leaning on Christ.”

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