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Fed-Up Parents Shocked by Game’s Woke New Feature

A video game series that is marketed to children is coming under attack for its recent update allowing characters to have double mastectomy scars and chest binders.

“The Sims 4,” which calls itself “the ultimate life simulation game” on its website, announced Tuesday that it would allow players to give characters “top scars” that come from breast removal surgery.

The announcement drew a swift backlash online, with many gamers and parents expressing horror that a game, especially one that is marketed to children, would promote transgender surgeries.

The popular Twitter account “Libs of TikTok,” shared the update with its over 1.8 million followers.

“They’re teaching young healthy girls that it’s ok to chop off their breasts.”

“Atrocious,” America First Legal President Stephen Miller said.

“God this sucks,” political commentator Ian Miles Cheong tweeted.

Another user wrote that he would never let his kids play the game. “If my kids had this I’d delete it. I hope you get involved in a lawsuit.”

But Xbox, one of the best known video game consoles in the world, came out in support of “The Sims” announcement.

“Vadish, we love it!” the official Twitter account for Xbox wrote, alongside a heart emoji.

“Vadish” also means “thank you” in “Simlish,” the made-up language that “Sims” characters use to communicate.

Mashable argued that it was “an exciting addition for transgender and disabled fans.”

Gaming website Kotaku also praised “The Sims 4” for reaching out to disabled Simmers.

“There are also medical wearables, such as glucose monitors and hearing aids, which makes The Sims 4 all more inclusive for the disability community as well. It’s good s—.”

This is not the first foray into sexual politics that “The Sims,” one of the most popular video game series in the world, has made.

In May 2022, “The Sims 4” issued an update to the game that allowed players to select “they/them” pronouns for non-binary characters.

  • Minorities for a Smarter US says:

    I remember playing the original. It was fun, funny and kid friendly. Now it’s sexualized and helping twist minds of the youth who can’t even decide on pizza or Mac n cheese on a daily basis. You can’t possibly tell me that they have the mental capacity to understand permanent medical decisions when you have to have common sense warnings on things like Tide Pods.

  • Proud Veteran says:

    bidens America

  • GATOR says:

    No wonder my son hasn’t ever liked Xbox. He thinks it’s a no good paper weight.



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