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Egyptian Intelligence Warned ‘Something Big’ Was Coming, But This Was Ignored: Israeli Media

Egypt is trying to have a “told ya so” moment, as on Monday the government said that Egyptian intelligence tried to repeatedly communicate to Israel that ‘something big’ was coming, prior to the massive jihadist militant attack out of Gaza which killed hundreds of Israelis.

A top Egyptian official was cited in Israeli media as saying, “Egypt cautioned about the situation’s escalation, but unfortunately, these warnings were disregarded by Israel.”

The official said the warning communicated to the Israeli government was that “something big” was in the planning stages, but didn’t elaborate further.

Egypt frequently plays the role of mediator between Hamas and Israeli authorities, so this fresh statement is being taken seriously by Israeli pundits.

According to more via The Times of Israel:

As of Monday, the total death toll among both sides has soared past 1,100.

Currently, Israel’s military is engaged in its biggest bombing campaign of the Gaza Strip in history, having also declared a total ‘seizure’ and blockade in progress.

Qatar has said it is seeking to mediate, also on the question of Israeli hostages in Hamas captivity.

Likely Egypt is also seeking to engage both sides as the situation continues to deteriorate.

Meanwhile, there’s ongoing speculation as a to how such a major Hamas operation, clearly long in planning, was “missed”.


    Intelligence Failure Just Like 9-11-2001
    The Devil has consumed the planet. And those Devils are Obama Bin Biden

  • vickie says:

    sad but husbandkept telling me…he heard and read that something was going to happen….i ignored it….and it happened…..

  • Joe Biden says:

    a ten day advance warning, from Egypt. 10 days notice. ignored.

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