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Don Lemon Guest Who Turned on His Own Grandfather Is a Satanist, Antifa, and BLM Activist

CNN is facing criticism for their recent interview with Klint Ludwig, the grandson of Andrew Daniel Lester, who was charged with shooting Ralph Yarl.

The news network failed to check Ludwig’s social media account beforehand, to make sure he was a credible and reliable person. Turns out, Ludwig is a self-proclaimed Satanist, Antifa, and BLM activist.

Ludwig discussed the shooting during the interview and went on to call his grandfather a racist because he is a “stock American Christian male.”

Ludwig’s Twitter bio, however, read: “I am a human male. Hail Satan” – just your average, run-of-the-mill bio for a respectable news source like CNN to overlook.

This statement alone should have raised red flags for CNN, yet they still allowed him to appear on their show without properly vetting him.

Here’s another post of his:

Ludwig’s Twitter account has since been deleted following the interview. Perhaps he realized that publicly identifying as a Satanist might not be the best look. For CNN, however, the damage has already been done.


    Ludwig is right, his grandpa is a Jim Crow deviant that harbours a repressed obsession with BBC. He shot the kid as he battled thoughts about wanting to touch his crotch. He’ll get all he wants in jail.

  • EZ says:

    this is the shit we are suppose to make reparations for? someone missed lynching this POS lemon

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