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DeSantis Weighs in on Trump Indictment in New York Speech

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, during a book tour stop in New York’s Long Island Saturday, criticized Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s indictment of former President Donald Trump.

In a speech at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Nassau County, DeSantis, without referring to Bragg by name, applauded former U.S. congressman and GOP candidate for governor of New York, Lee Zeldin, for becoming a vocal critic of the Democrat Manhattan district attorney while on the 2022 campaign trail amid soaring crime in the Empire State.

“This guy is all about politics. He comes in, his whole thing is he doesn’t want people to be in jail. He wants to downgrade felonies to misdemeanors. Really, really dangerous stuff,” DeSantis said of Bragg’s now-infamous day-one soft on crime memo issued when he took office in January 2022. “And then what does he do? He turns around, does a flimsy indictment against a former President of the United States based on a bunch of things that they’re saying business records, which, first of all, even if that’s true, that’s a misdemeanor.”

“And they’re trying to do all these legal gymnastics to try to act like it’s a felony when almost every other time he’s trying to take the felonies and downgrade them to misdemeanors, this guy is politics. He has an agenda that is not the rule of law,” DeSantis added Saturday, also without naming Trump.

Trump, an early frontrunner for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, is expected to be arraigned in New York City on Tuesday.

The details of the indictment have not been released, as they typically remain under seal before the arraignment takes place. The charges are expected to relate to Trump’s 2016 alleged hush money scandal, which the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has been investigating for five years.

If the charges relate to the hush money scandal, prosecutors are expected to argue that the $130,000 sum given to Stormy Daniels and the $150,000 given to former Playboy model Karen McDougal were improper donations to the Trump campaign, which helped his candidacy during the 2016 election.

DeSantis, who hasn’t announced whether he plans to run for president in 2024, also criticized the agenda of President Joe Biden, who also hasn’t confirmed a bid for a second term.

“Our president, Joe Biden, he’s weak, he’s floundering. He’s really being in controlled by these leftist elements of the Democratic Party,” DeSantis said. “If you look at our financial problems, we now are $31 trillion in debt. They did trillions and trillions of dollars of fiscal stimulus. The Fed printed trillions and trillions of dollars of money. What do you think is going to happen? Of course, you’re going to get inflation. They tried to say it was transitory. That didn’t work out for them. Then they spent last year hiking rates very quickly and that’s created dislocation in our economy.”

DeSantis further spoke in Long Island about his “blueprint for Florida” meant to serve as a model for the rest of the nation.

“The Democratic Party in the state of Florida is dead, dead, dead right now,” DeSantis said, referencing his historic, nearly 20-point win in the November 2022 election.

“We’ve really had a fundamental shift in our electorate. When I got elected governor, we had almost 300,000 more registered Democrats in Florida than Republicans. And we had never in the history of the state had more registered Republicans and registered Democrats,” he continued. “Well, fast-forward four and a half years later, we now have almost 450,000 more registered Republicans than Democrats.”

“And President Reagan was right. The way to garner big support is to govern in bold colors, not with pale pastels. So we did that. And not only did folks in Florida who had usually voted the other way voted for us, we, of course, helped spark a major migration to our state, the likes of which we have never seen,” he said. “And I don’t need to tell you about it in New York because you’ve seen it in New York and Illinois and California, states governed by leftist politicians imposing leftist ideology have driven good, productive people out of their jurisdiction.”

  • JB says:

    This Bragg is accomplishing is putting his political career in the toilet. He has a good start.

    • Just123 says:

      Recently DeSantis has been doing himself no favors by throwing Trump under the bus too, and it’s nice to hear the old DeSantis that we had grown to love.

      • Kathleen Marion says:

        It’s all theatrics for DeSantis! He’s watching his ratings tank and realized throwing Trump under the bus didn’t help, so now the drama queen is trying to reverse but the damage is done. Stick to being the Governor and maybe people will forget in 6 years.

        • Jay Mills says:

          I call BS. Drama Queen? Not even close. He’s done great things for Florida. You sound jealous. I’m not sure how saying Florida wouldn’t allow Trump to be extradited from Florida to NY is throwing Trump under the bus, since he wouldn’t be putting him on one. You want to be vocal about someone, try Soros.

          • K. says:

            DeSantis is a POLITICIAN!!! Went to school, served in the Armed Forces and the went straight to Washington!!! Most people don’t even know that he served in the SENATE and the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES and left to become GOVERNOR of FLORIDA as a STEPPINGSTONE to the PRESIDENCY as most POLITICIANS do!! Yes he might be a GREAT GOVERNOR but FLORIDIANS also thought JEB BUSH was a GREAT GOVERNOR they elected him for two terms and also raved about him!!! Two weeks ago when the DA of New York announced an indictment might come President Trump and his lawyers told the American people he will return to New York!!! There was no need for GOVERNOR DeSantis to even make the statement that he won’t extradite President Trump!! Again a POLITICAL MOVE!!! GOVERNOR DeSantis was not the only GOVERNOR that made headlines about Covid. At least 6 other GOVERNORS did the same thing and some of them before him!!! Running a country is a lot different than running a state. He will owe his donors and the RINO’S and believe me they always get paid back at the expense of the AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!

          • T. says:

            Whatever he did as a politician are necessary steps taken by all politicians. They all start somewhere and it is nearly 100% of the time in a lesser political position. Somewhere right now in some thankless political position sits a future president. Ignorant voters say “politician”, then a layman runs and that say “no experience”. Your laughable assessment shows either tremendous bias or total lack of reality.

      • Robin says:

        GROOMED RINO Ron Degero of the Sicilian Mob family took an oath to the Queen. look up Pilgrims Society and Privy Council. Desantis is a fraud. Pilgrims Society traitors include Pompeo, Feinstein, Kejani Jackson, Lord Molloch Brown, Soros, Rothschild, et al.

  • Russian says:

    “This guy is all about politics”.
    It;’s not a guy. It’s a SUB-HUMAN. It’s a MONKEY. And monkey must be held IN A ZOO.

  • Russian says:

    2024: Donald Trump for President. DeSantis for vice-President.
    Death to fascism. Death to fascists. Death to fascists cubs (The Holly Bible. Old Testament. Exodus. 34:7).

    • Just123 says:

      Didn’t you hear…… DeSantis basically has stated that he is above being VP. It’s a shame that he doesn’t view it as an opportunity to get a foot in the door for the White House.
      I’ve always thought Trump/DeSantis but in the past few minutes like many others we’re staring to see very differently

      • T says:

        Vice Presidents are usually the scapegoats, and are put in some backdoor position. I can understand a young man not wanting to spend 4 or maybe 8 years in a secondary position when he has so much to contribute during this period. As a stepping stone to the president, look how long it took do nothing Biden to get to be VP and President. Now we are suffering with a senile puppet who should be in a rest home. We selfishly would like to see that ticket, but being second fiddle is not DeSantis’ forte. Good for him!

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