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DeSantis Signs Executive Order Accusing Florida Judge of Alleged Molestation, Child Abuse

A Florida judge who led the prosecution against Casey Anthony in 2011 is reportedly under investigation after allegations of molestation and the failure to properly report child abuse. The revelations were recently revealed by an executive order signed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

The details were laid out in the document that was signed on October 11, and it was subsequently posted publicly to the Florida governor’s website.

The allegations made against Jeffrey Ashton are currently under investigation by the Winter Park Police Department, according to WOFL.

The executive claims that Ashton was put under investigation after allegations had been made against him for “lewd and lascivious molestation on a child under 16 and failure to report child abuse.”

There are also two others involved in the allegations — Rita Ashton, Jeffrey’s wife, “for failure to report child abuse,” and David Ashton, “for lewd conduct on a child under 16.”

The executive order goes on to mention that State Attorney Andrew Baine, who was recently appointed to the Ninth Judicial Circuit in August after former State Attorney Monique Worrell was suspended, suggested that the case be moved to the Tenth Judicial Circuit because Ashton is a judge with the Ninth Judicial Court, which would be a conflict of interest, per the report.

There are currently few details available in the case. While the executive order mentioned that a 16-year-old was allegedly molested in the case, it is unclear when the alleged event took place. Additionally, the identity of the 16-year-old was not revealed.

“All residents of the Ninth Judicial Circuit are requested, and all public officials are directed, to cooperate and render whatever assistance is necessary to the Assigned State Attorney, so that justice may be served,” the executive order stated.

“The period of this Executive Assignment shall be for one (1) year, to and including October 11, 2024. Section 5. The Assigned State Attorney shall notify the Governor on or before September 11, 2024, if additional time is required,” it concluded.

Ashton worked on the Casey Anthony case that was ultimately closed in the summer of 2011, when Anthony was found not guilty by a jury for the murder and abuse of her own child, but she was found guilty on four charges of providing false information to law enforcement during the investigation.

  • FJB says:

    So this judge ruled against DeSantis ! This is how dictators work ! Anyone who doesn’t follow their orders is charged with crimes that there are no defense for.

  • United States Citizen, I do not get anything for FREE. says:

    Illegals do not deserve anything free. I T is hard enough forAmerican citizens to be able to receive s. security which they have worked for. The Biden Administration is furnishing, food and living expenses. I will be 80 years old in
    November and a citizen, I had to work for everything I received. There are many citizens hurting because they cannot pay electric bills, buy food. It is wrong for Biden to give all to illegals, housing, food, utility bills. They do not deserve free college and voting rights. down with the Democratic Party.

  • *Quest: How does someone facing these allegations show up to work? Ans: Because your presumed innocent until proven guilty… Hmmmmm… Ask Russell Brand, or thousands of Conservatives, if this has been their experience.

  • MK says:

    Where is the prosecutor in the jurisdiction of the alleged crime? Did I miss something? Why does it take executive orders to get crimes prosecuted now?

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