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DeSantis Grilled by Tomi Lahren on Decision to Not Wait Until 2028 — Here’s What He Said

In a new interview, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis rejected the concept that anyone is entitled to a turn at running for president.

In an Outkick video published Saturday, conservative commentator and Outkick platforms’ host Tomi Lahren asked DeSantis for a response to supporters of former President Donald Trump, who say they like DeSantis, but think he should wait until his turn comes in 2028.

Trump is currently leading DeSantis in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, but DeSantis’ response was undeterred.

“First of all, in America we don’t have ‘turns’,” DeSantis said. “People can run if they believe they have something to offer the country. I can tell you as somebody that’s worn the country’s uniform, who served in Iraq, who believes in a cause greater than myself, I believe 2024 is make or break.”

“I don’t think we have time for excuses. We’re not going to get a mulligan on this one,” he said, referring to a term in golf in which a golfer gets to take a shot over without penalty.

“I think I’ve shown the ability to defeat the Democrats – yes at the ballot box by winning Florida by a historic margin, but also on issue after issue,” he said.

He then listed his victories over the left.

“We beat ’em on lockdowns. We beat ’em on education. We beat ’em on ESG. We beat ’em on illegal immigrants. We beat ’em on transgender athletes competing with women,” he said.

“On issue after issue, we didn’t just talk the talk, we walked the walk, and so I’ll run. I’ll beat Biden, but even more importantly than that, I will deliver on all these things, because if we don’t actually deliver, then I think we’re going to be in a hole that’s going to be very difficult to dig out from.

“So, I think I’m the guy that can get all of that done and I think I have a responsibility to offer myself and that’s where I’m coming from,” he said.

The most current RealClearPolitics average of polls in Iowa shows Trump in the lead at 47.7 percent support with DeSantis second at 23.7 percent. No other contender was in double digits.

In analyzing DeSantis’s bid for the nomination, political analyst Craig Agranoff told Newsweek that the governor’s decision was “a bold one.”

“He is facing an uphill battle against Donald Trump, who is still the most popular figure in the Republican Party, even with his recent legal issues. However, DeSantis believes that 2024 is a ‘make or break’ moment for the country, and he is willing to take on the challenge,” he said.

“Whether or not it was a wise choice for DeSantis to run in 2024 is still too early to say. However, one thing is for sure: It is going to be an interesting race,” he said.

Dillard University professor Robert Collins suggested to Newswek that DeSantis is aware that political currents can pass some candidates by, and that Trump could face a barrier to being elected.

“Some candidates feel that they only get one shot, and if they don’t take their shot in time, the moment will pass them by and the attention of the voters will shift elsewhere,” he said.

“DeSantis is young enough to wait and run for president in a future cycle,” he said.

“However, DeSantis is placing a bet that he thinks that eventually a criminal conviction will remove Trump from the race and give DeSantis a clear shot at the nomination. Since no one knows what the long-term future holds, it’s probably as good a short-term bet as he will get.”

  • Lola says:

    I also think he should support Trump. He should wit til 2028. He’s not ready

  • FJB says:

    The only way the can remove Trump from the race is to kill him, that they won’t do. Even if he should drop out, DeSantis won’t gain his support. DeSantis is being supported by the swamp and democrats, he has alienated most Americans. You don’t win the presidency with hate.

  • Mary says:

    He should have listened to his base. It’s pretty clear we wanted a Trump/Desantis ticket with Desantis getting the next 2 terms as President. Idk why he didn’t listen. Now people are interested in a Trump/Kennedy ticket undeterred by the party’s.
    Betting on winning because President Trump will be criminally charged just doesn’t seem right.

  • Rita says:

    I prefer my President to be in the oval office not in a federal prison.

  • Susan says:

    DeSantis is proving that he is not a good person by willing to betray the man that brought him to the dance while he was choking when he was running for governor! And if DeSantis is willing to betray Trump, then he is more than willing to betray us all.
    DeSantis has been funded by the RINO swamp that are just as awful as the Marxist Left, and this is another reason I believe that he is a RINO and that he will betray us all once he is injected into Office.
    Also the Floridians are saying that he changed the law allowing himself to run for POTUS while he is governor which is a major switch and bait against the people that voted for him in FL.
    And his wife Casey is plagiarizing Melania down to her dresses and over all fashion sense.

    They are both fake, a vote for DeSantis will be like a vote for the Abhorrent and Treasonous Bush family.

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