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DeSantis’ Florida Hits Biden Admin with Lawsuit

The state of Florida has filed a lawsuit against five Biden administration officials, including Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, three federal agencies and the United States itself over what it argues is federal overreach into labor relations in the state.

The suit, filed Wednesday, argues that the former mayor of the the fourth-largest city in Indiana, the Federal Transit Administration, the Departments of Labor and Transportation, and several officials overseeing those agencies have illegally threatened to withhold federal grants over a new union law to which the Biden administration objects.

The law, a top priority of Gov. Ron DeSantis, took effect on July 1, made the process for “decertifying” unions easier and prohibits some state employers from collecting union dues by withholding them from employee paychecks.

Florida’s Public Employee Relations Commission, which Politico reported is run by political appointees of the governor, can issue waivers to the new law, and the Department of Labor has said that some federal grants will be withheld unless the commission permanently waives the new requirements for mass transit workers.

In August, the Florida Public Transportation Association said in a letter to PERC that more than $800 million in federal grants was at risk.

PERC had agreed to conditional waivers with expiration dates, but the Labor Department said only permanent waivers would meet federal requirements.

Thus, the lawsuit, which calls the federal government’s actions “flagrantly unconstitutional.”

“It asks a federal judge to block the agencies from withholding federal grants as well as declare unconstitutional the part of the federal law the Department of Labor is relying on to question Florida’s law,” Politico reported Wednesday.

The suit concedes that employees have a right to unionize, but argues that current Biden administration policies are tantamount to requiring public employees to do so.

“Public sector employees have a constitutional right to decide whether to participate in a union,” the 18-page complaint begins. “The Biden Administration, however, seeks to elevate the political and financial interests of Florida’s public sector unions over the rights of working class Floridians to make that decision for themselves.”

“Florida passed laws to protect workers from being strong-armed by unions,” state Attorney General Ashley Moody said in a statement. “Biden, intent on driving our country into the ground, continues to try to force states to implement his bad policies.”

You can read the lawsuit in its entirety below.

Politico noted that court challenges to Florida’s new law had been filed, but that at least one had already been thrown out.

Florida’s constitution guarantees collective bargaining rights, which the suit says the state has no intention of violating, despite cries of “union busting” by DeSantis’ critics.

An unnamed spokesperson for Buttigieg and the Department of Transportation would not comment when asked by Politico, citing the “ongoing litigation.”

  • Randy says:

    The military just shot down their own drone, to say that Maga was responsible! I just saw this on TV! It supposedly happened at the Pentagon!

  • Maddy says:

    Just remove the actor playing Biden now and lets live again The last 3 years have been a disaster World Wide

  • It is just like I said these gaggle of liars cheats thieves and treasonous pigs violate constitutional rights and violated federal laws This everyday I saw the new IRS tax tables and the 87,000 Gestapo agents authorized to use lethal force They are going to be out and about trying to get blood from a turnip The tax tables are insane You have a tax of 1100 on a income of 11000 or less If you go over the 11000 then it is 12% of that amount People can’t even buy food and now this Fire all of those agents and defund the IRS and every one pays through a sales tax and you don’t need all of these Gestapo agents Then you have the digital bullshit that we will no longer be in control of our own money It is the same system China uses to know what when where how much and what the item is that you are purchasing If they do not want you to purchase something They stop you by shutting down your account This is sick If this happens what other of our freedoms are going to be taken away

  • Roger says:

    Mandatory withholding union dues is a form of slavery.

  • GreatGrandPa says:

    All IS being REVEALED! Real US Americans are awake and fed up with the Whole Global Cabal, demoncRATs and RINOS, ALL SATAN’S DEMON SPAWN MINIONS DESERVE DIRT NAPS. NCSWIC, WWG1WGA, and P.A.N.I.C. LGB,FJB! President Trump’s still my President. I’m not a BOT nor a Spammer. I’m a American Veteran, Trucker and GreatGrandpa. Yahweh grant us Strength, Courage and Wisdom, steady nerves and hands, eyes of the Eagles, to do what needs to be done when the time comes, Amen.

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