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Dallas Police Arrest Serial Killer Suspect Over Deaths of Three Women

Dallas police have arrested a man they believe killed three women whose bodies were found over three months in the city.

Oscar Sanchez Garcia, 25, was charged with two counts of murder in the deaths of Kimberly Robinson, 60, and an unidentified woman, according to the Dallas Police Department. He is also the main suspect in the slaying of a third woman, Cherish Gibson, 25.

Mr Sanchez Garcia is being held on a $4m bond at the Dallas County Jail.

Robinson’s body was found on 22 April 22 in a grassy area under a SART train bridge in the city. Gibson’s body was found on 24 June on the same block near the DART station.

The third victim was found on Saturday less than five miles from where the other two bodies were located.

An arrest warrant affidavit obtained by WFAA states that police linked the suspect to the killings using phone records, video and data from a licence plate reader that put his vehicle and phone in the areas where all three victims were last seen alive and where their bodies were found.

The bodies of both Robinson and Gibson, who are both thought to have been working as sex workers, were both found partially undressed with stab injuries.

Investigators say a blue Ford Truck with “distinct stickers on the rear windshield” was seen at all locations and was registered to the suspect, who lived near where the bodies of Gibson and Robinson were discovered.

Christina Martinez told the news station that she has known Mr Sanchez Garcia and his family for two years and lives in the same triplex building.

“He’s a calm guy, chilling guy,” she said. “He likes to play with the kids. That’s why we were like in shock.”

Ms Martinez added that the suspect’s wife was in “shock” following his arrest.

“She’s in shock. And the son is just asking for his daddy. She doesn’t know what to tell him. He does not look like that person that would do something like that.”

It is not the suspect’s first interaction with police in the city.

Records show that in March the suspect was arrested for allegedly punching his wife twice in the face after she used his bank card to buy diapers without asking, reported WFAA.

Robinson’s daughter, Janetria Oliver, says she is grateful that an arrest has been made in the case.

“My mother did not deserve that, and I’m so glad that he’s off the streets where he won’t be able to hurt anyone else,” Ms Oliver said.

“I’ve also been praying for the other families involved. No one deserves for their life to be cut short like that, and we pray that full justice is served.”

  • Zeus Papadopoulos says:

    Oh look. Not a wholesome, good looking, blonde haired white dude. I am shocked. What we have here is an illegal alien serial killer – in Texas. Ah, you are in big trouble, sailor. When (not if) they try him, convict him, sentence him to death – followed by a first class hanging, I wish the Texas DOC contacts me, as I will throw the switch/injection buttons/hangmans lever, for free. I will even pay Texas to allow me this civic duty. Travel expenses are also on me. Texas – what a deal. Awaiting your call. Damn, I am double retired and I have now found my third career. Isn’t America wonderful?

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