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Colorado GOP Takes Trump Ballot Battle to Supreme Court

The Colorado Republican Party appealed the state’s Supreme Court ruling disqualifying former President Donald Trump from the upcoming 2024 GOP primary ballot, asking the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday to step in, according to Reuters.

The Colorado Supreme Court kicked Trump off of the state’s ballot Dec. 19, citing the former president had violated the 14th Amendment’s “insurrectionist ban.”

Represented by Jay Sekulow and his son, Jordan, the Colorado Republican Party filed an appeal stating the “effects” of the state’s court decision “necessitates” SCOTUS’ review.

“The drastic effects of the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision on the 2024 primary election necessitates this court’s immediate review,” the law team for the Colorado Republican Party stated, according to NBC News.

Sekulow and Jordan, both practicing at the American Center for Law & Justice firm, stated in a blog post the dispute was “the greatest election interference case in U.S. history and represents a grave attack on millions of Americans’ fundamental right to vote,” according to NBC News.

“This is so much more than one primary in one state — this is the greatest election interference case in U.S. history and represents a grave attack on millions of Americans’ fundamental right to vote,” the lawyers stated.

The former president has not been convicted of inciting or participating in an insurrection

. However, the court noted they did not need an act of Congress to remove Trump from the ballot, but instead stated the Jan. 6 events amounted to an insurrection that Trump had allegedly “engaged” in it.

Since the ruling, both Democrats and Republicans have called out the move by the state’s high court, noting how the move will have to be thrown to the U.S. Supreme Court.

In addition to the recent GOP party’s appeal, the former president is expected to file his own appeal as well, according to Reuters.

  • Tank says:

    Question isn’t Trump on trial for insurrection and trying to turn over a presidential election. Well I’ve been reading all this stuff for a while now. And everything I see telling Trump did this and that is exactly what the democratic party,judges, attorneys everyone involved is doing and Trump hasn’t done shit. And on top of that there letting a old man with dementia that shits himself in public around the country or destroy the country and now is about to get us into ww3 . And they have the nerve to say it’s the Republicans fault. Poeple are you really that deranged to support them. Wake the fuck up.



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