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CNN This Morning’ Going Down in Flames as 1 Host Threatens to Quit

The drama continues at CNN’s low-rated morning show as Don Lemon’s co-host Kaitlan Collins has threatened to quit and move to Washington, according to a report.

New York City-based “CNN This Morning” is the cable network’s least-watched morning show in a decade. It was launched late last year by CNN CEO Chris Licht ato replace the long-running “New Day.”

Lemon, Collins and Poppy Harlow were hand-picked by Licht to lead each day’s programming on the struggling network. The CEO said when he announced the creation of the show he expected the trio to blossom.

“There is no stronger combination of talent than Don, Poppy and Kaitlan to deliver on our promise of a game-changing morning news program,” Licht said in a statement in September.

None of that ever materialized. Instead, the show has become a spectacle. Thanks to Lemon, “CNN This Morning” is known more for the drama between its hosts than for its programming.

Lemon dressed down Collins during an off-the-air meltdown in December that left her shaken, according to numerous reports.

He was said to have accused his co-host of interrupting him during the show, and there has been tension ever since.

Recent reports suggested an alliance has formed along the lines of Harlow and Collins versus Lemon since he claimed on the air last month that women in their 50s are out of their “prime” during an attack on GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley.

Lemon reportedly has been sulking around CNNs offices since he returned to the desk after he spent a few days away. Licht ordered him to undergo “formal training” as part of an agreement for him to return following the widely criticized remarks.

There has been little by the way of drama on the air since Lemon, 57, made his way back.

But according to the entertainment industry gossip site Radar Online, the waters at “CNN This Morning” are anything but tranquil these days.

The outlet reported Thursday it had learned Collins “had private conversations about returning to Washington, D.C., leaving her on-air frenemy Don Lemon, 57, and Poppy Harlow, 40, in the dust.”

“The revelation comes three months after Lemon blew up on Collins, ‘screaming’ and accusing her of ‘interrupting’ him after their December 8 broadcast,” it said.

Radar Online, which cited a source close to CNN in its reporting, said Collins has attempted to spend as little time around Lemon as possible since the blowup.

Meanwhile, the outlet reported Lemon is at an emotional impasse over the drama and is still coping with being pulled from his primetime perch last year.

It is not clear if Collins intends to leave Lemon and Harlow behind. But according to the report, her threat to move back to D.C. has executives assessing whether the show can even go on.

This latest bit of information is merely a report from a gossip site, but given what we’ve seen with “CNN This Morning” on the air during its short tenure, it would not be the least bit surprising to see Collins jump ship.

The 30-year-old was named the youngest chief White House correspondent in CNN history at age 28 in 2021.

She left it all behind to work with Lemon.

How could someone in her position not have a case of buyer’s remorse?

No matter how the situation shakes out, CNN’s mounting troubles are a win for Americans who are opposed to the network’s mission, which is to mislead Americans on behalf of the Democratic Party.

  • Terry Dunn says:

    Can anyone remember when CNN was an actual news program. When Ted Turner owned CNN it was the best news network on the planet. Now, because the left has taken over and ruined the programing it is on it’s way out. Sad to see, but well deserved.

  • PJ Wray says:

    I liked CNN when it was just headline news with no talking heads. Now they couldn’t pay me enough to watch it.

  • Teresa says:

    Can’t stand any of them – Kailen was rude to President Trump
    Don Lemon is a racist and thinks he has answers for everything –
    Too bad Poppy has to mix with those two.



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