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CNN Host Gets Upset When Vivek Ramaswamy Gives Her Basic Lesson on How Journalism Works

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy called out the media on Sunday for not asking what he believes are pertinent questions about special counsel Jack Smith’s investigation.

On CNN’s “State of the Union,” Ramaswamy voiced strong disagreement with Smith’s indictment of former President Donald Trump. He called the investigation “deeply politicized” and described it as “selective prosecution.” Ramaswamy, a graduate of Yale Law School, said he believes the case “reeks of politicization.”

The stench highlights two critical questions Ramaswamy believes the media should be asking: “What did Biden tell [Attorney General Merrick] Garland? What did Garland tell Jack Smith?”

When presented with those questions, CNN anchor Dana Bash immediately defended President Joe Biden, arguing that Smith was appointed to make the investigation apolitical.

“There’s absolutely no evidence, unless you can show me some, that President Biden has had anything to do with this prosecution,” Bash said. “That’s why he put two layers in between — with the special counsel.”

After denouncing the the levels of separation as only a “fig leaf,” Ramaswamy tore into the media for not asking the critical questions.

“With due respect, I think it is shameful that I, as a competitor to President Trump in this race, have to ask questions that the media isn’t asking,” he pointed out. “The job of the political media, if it has one job, is to hold the U.S. government accountable.

“Instead, you’re seeing the media doing the bidding of the U.S. government,” he continued. “Ask the question. Get to the bottom of what Biden told Garland and what Garland told Jack Smith.”

“If the same shoe fit the other foot, you would not take their word at face value. Do not take their word now. Get to the bottom of it. Let’s actually restore journalism in this country. That’s what’s actually missing is getting to the truth,” he said.

Bash, clearly offended, denied the media do Biden’s “bidding” and finally said, “Thank you. OK, thank you for that.”

“We are absolutely asking these questions,” she responded. “And we know how to be good journalists because we do it every single day.”

  • False says:

    “We know how to be good journalists because we do it every day”!! Ha!! You know how to be mindless democratic puppets who just repeat what you’re told and wouldn’t know how to investigate an issue if you had a journalism for dummy’s guide and a map on how to find the truth.

  • Carlos says:

    Maybe Ramaswamy should be the vice-president Trump is looking for. Brilliant man.



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