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Chuck Norris Endorses Trump-Backed Blake Masters in Arizona Senate Race

Arizona US Senate Candidate has just received a huge endorsement from American martial arts legend and actor Chuck Norris.

The announcement came through the Official Press Account of Blake Masters and depicted a picture of Chuck Norris wearing his iconic cowboy next to Blake Masters.

As soon as the news came in the Chuck Norris jokes came pouring in here are some of the best ones:

Chuck Norris recently posted his ‘Chuck Norris approved’ list of candidates to Facebook and Blake Masters made the list.

“Blake Masters, U.S. Senate candidate for Arizona, has far better leadership credentials and skills than his political opponent, to help all Arizonians.” Chuck Norris wrote for WND last month.

A recent poll by Fox 10 Insider Advantage has Masters neck-and-neck with Democrat Mark Kelly at 48%.

  • Joy DB says:

    If ANYONE gets Chuck Norris’ endorsement, it should be election GOLD!! Thanks for being in OUR camp, Chuck!!

  • Rick says:

    Thank you Chuck Norris for being a true American…

  • Julie ousley says:

    I’m in Michigan but thanks MR NORRIS .GOD BLESS

  • Mary McClane says:

    At least as good as oprah!

  • Patriot says:

    why in the name of anything … would it give a rats ass of importance … as to what Chuck Norris ( an actor) would say whom to vote for would have any type of influence …I can only say if it does and persuades you .. you shouldn’t vote.. because your stupid and unaware. Every one should vote in what ever party or candidate you believe in.. but vote because you understand not because you’re told

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