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‘Catturd’ Swatted After Being Doxxed by Leftist Outlets

During a Monday afternoon livestream, the man behind the conservative anonymous X account Catturd was swatted.

Around one hour into In the Litter Box with Jewels and Catturd, episode 418, Jewels Jones revealed that Catturd had been swatted and wouldn’t be rejoining the episode.

Jones said she received a text message that stated, “alright, so we have a big problem that’s going on right now, Cat’s house has just been swatted, someone called and pretended to be him and said that he had stabbed someone and had a gun and was going to kill himself.”

“Cops are absolutely everywhere, they’re all over Catturd ranch, he is trying to diffuse the situation as we speak.”

In a tweet posted after the incident, Catturd said, “So, I was just swatted during my podcast. The caller pretended to be me and told the cops – ‘I’ve stabbed someone, had a gun, and was going to kill myself.’ This is the result of being doxxed over and over by leftist outlets. You can imagine how dangerous this is.”

“I’m okay, the pets are okay, and the local cops were fantastic. Thanks for your concern. I’ll continue to talk truth to power. I won’t stop. Love you all.”

In March, Catturd said “I’ll never stop telling the truth,” noting that he gets “doxxed a thousand times a day, hundreds of ridiculous fake pics are posted of me, I get tons of death threats daily, I get leftists saying they’re going murder my pets and on and on and on – just because I speak truth to power.”

  • Irishgal says:

    What?! The [olice dept. or 911 operator doesn’t know how to trace a call? Reverse number? MTG was swatted over 6x’s Timcast was swatted 2+x’s…weird how they can’t figure out who placed call! Makes one feel safe and even more confident in law enforcement! (Yeah right)

  • Colleen Cudnik says:

    Dr. Suess, Mr. Potato Head now you purr kitty, they’ll stop when the foundation ( Bill & Melinda) dries up, keep on keeping on Catturd…..



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