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Burisma Prosecutor Viktor Shokin Breaks His Silence

Viktor Shokin, the former top prosecutor for Ukraine who was fired under pressure from then-Vice President Joe Biden, has finally spoken out, posting a video on Thursday that rebuts allegations of corruption in his office and why he believed Biden sought to end his investigation into Burisma.

Sitting in front of the camera, Shokin calmly explained the need for his corruption investigation following the surprise lifting of a seizure he had made of $23 million belonging to Burisma following the company’s move to bring Hunter Biden and associate Devon Archer into the fold.

It was only 10 to 12 days before his termination, Shokin said, that courts ordered millions of dollars in assets belonging to Burisma President Mykola Zlochevsky be seized including oil wells, cars, and real estate properties.

“The depiction of these investigations as ‘dormant’ has nothing to do with reality of the facts,” Shokin said. “I understand very well that the United States has one of the best intelligence services in the world, and of course, the investigation into Burisma was closely monitored, not only by legal means, but also illegal.”

“We have to believe that [Vice President] Biden believed we were going to start questioning his son,” Shokin said. Hunter Biden at the time was serving as outside counsel to Burisma while on the payroll for an influential D.C. firm. Zlochevsky had told Hunter and Archer that he specifically wanted “protection” under the “Biden brand.”

“Everyone understood that the fight was going to end very badly for them,” Shokin added.

It fell to Vice President Biden to use all means at his disposal, said the former prosecutor, including calling on certain members of parliament to increase pressure on the government to fire Shokin while acting disinterested in the case.

“Biden was acting in his own interests, not the interests of the American people,” he said. “That is the explanation, in my opinion.”

His case against Burisma did not include a pursuit of Hunter Biden, Shokin said, but that “Joe Biden has reason to fear that the investigation would eventually fall on his son.”

On Monday, Archer testified during a closed-door congressional hearing that Vice President Biden participated in dozens of meetings with himself, Hunter, and business associates including those at Burisma who wanted to see Shokin fired. Hunter’s business activities in Ukraine and other countries around the world generated millions of dollars in revenue for members of the Biden clan, though President Biden strongly denies his knowledge or involvement. House Republicans are continuing to investigate the matter as they seek to weaken the president’s standing heading into next year’s election.

Watch the full interview here:

  • Mad as helk says:

    We are literally being subjegated by these evil people. Am I the only one that’s tired of all the investigation and talk? When will enough be enough. What will you do if we get another 4 years under democrat rule? What about if they take the house ,senate, and executive office? I’m so curious what it will take for people to be so sick of this that they react. Even the Nordic countries haven’t went this nuts and they are crazy and left wing. Our country has never seen this level of corruption and loss of reality. I don’t see how we can ever go forward with the other side. Think about it. If republicans are in charge the other side is going to lose their minds and their violence will only get worse and ill be damned if I want to continue on with democrats and their version of morals and reality. Something has got to give.

  • Ellie says:

    The truth always makes its way to the surface. Obama, Biden, Pelosi….the whole corrupt regime will be exposed for ALL to see, when the time is right. Now isn’t the time, because there aren’t yet enough democrats who have opened their eyes. The day will come when the gang of devils are seen for who and what they really are, and they will be cannabilized by their own. Just hang on folks! Try to be patient, because when it all goes down, it’ll be fast, brutal, and quite messy.

  • Tnflyboy says:

    “House Republicans are continuing to investigate the matter as they seek to weaken the president’s standing heading into next year’s election.”…or could they be seeking to re-establish the rule of law in the United States instead of a two-tiered legal system? I believe the latter.

  • June E Vendetti says:

    It’s time we put all the swamp on notice. They have sold our country to the Chinese. They think that what they’ve done and what they’re doing, is the right thing, when in fact, it’s the wrong thing. It’s time they face the music and pay for what they’ve done. God help us. He’s the only one who can.

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