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Broad Daylight Horror: Innocent Pedestrians Targeted in NYC Shooting Spree

Chilling footage reveals the moment a scooter-riding madman casually motored around a Queens neighborhood Saturday, shooting unsuspected pedestrians with a ghost gun — including killing an 87-year-old man who crumpled to the ground as blood spread across his shirt.

All appeared quiet on Jamaica Avenue in Richmond Hill as the older pedestrian strides along the sidewalk, the footage shows.

Slowly, the gunman, whose name has not been released, rolls by on his scooter, reaches out his arm and appears to open fire, aiming first at a dog walker and missing, according to the clip obtained by The Post.

The sound of the shot appeared to prompt the older man to turn and look behind him, and as he does the shooter fires again, striking him in the back.

The dog walker fled as the older victim, now alone on the sidewalk, appears startled and starts to writhe in pain.

Blood seeps across the front and back of his button-down shirt, the video shows. He bends over, clutching his back but eventually falls to his hands and knees, before a Good Samaritan runs across the street to help.

A moment later, the victim, 87, collapses onto the pavement.

The terrifying scene was one of five incidents in which the scooter shooter zipped around Brooklyn and southeast Queens on an illegal scooter, opening fire on what police said appeared to be “random” targets, shooting four people. In all, one person was killed and three others hurt, authorities said.

The shooter — described as a Hispanic man with a heavy build, dressed in a green shirt, black pants with a white stripe and black and white sneakers — had a .9-mm firearm with an extended clip of ammunition, according to a police source.

A high-ranking police source said, “This guy had a lot of ammunition on him. There were going to be other bodies dropped.”

The gunman, who sources said is believed to be a 25-year-old with a single arrest for possession of a forged instrument on his wrap sheet, was quickly taken into custody. Charges were pending Saturday.

A separate video appears to show the moments leading up to the fatal encounter on Jamaica Avenue, with the scooter shooter zipping down the street, only to suddenly stop and pull a quick U-turn as he seems to spot the older, unsuspecting man walking along the sidewalk.

The gunman appeared to pause to watch his prey for several moments before slowly pulling forward, firing the first shot and shattering a shop window, then killing the octogenarian and driving away.

A second clip shows a quiet intersection, empty until a man in shorts and tank top walks quickly across the street — and the same apparent gunman zooms by, takes direct aim and pops off a shot that sends the man falling to the ground.

  • frank says:

    They are bringing their customs to the US….America will soon be genuine 1st class third world country

  • Sicsam says:

    What a great job skanky Hochul and Eric Adams is doing. New York is becoming more and more like Chicago!

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