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Boys Sent Home With Condoms, Wooden Phalluses, and Gay Pornography from School

A mother in Manitoba, Canada, has revealed that teenage students at her son’s school were being provided with wooden phalluses, condoms, and a cartoon flip book featuring gay sex art as part of their “sex education.”

On February 19, Janine Stephanie Penner took to Facebook to express outrage that her teenage son had been provided a number of inappropriate “sex education” aides. In the post, Penner claimed that her son, who is currently in grade 10, had been provided with a “gay porn graphic flip book at school as a method of learning how to use condoms and in addition, received 15 condoms and a wooden pecker for practice.” Penner’s son attends the Virden Collegiate Institute.

The wooden phallus provided to the student is a condom demonstration aide manufactured by Lifestyles.

The flip-book Penner’s son was given is titled “Who’s Got The Condom?” and a digital copy of the book reveals it is 53-pages long and was created in collaboration with CATIE — Canada’s leading HIV and Hepatitis C information charity — as well as Youth2O and “2-Spirited People of the First Nations.”

On the front of the book, a young, slim man can be seen perched over the hips of an older, larger man in what appears to be an Indigenous-style tent. On both the front cover and a page photographed by Penner, the older man is wearing a condom, with the younger man in the process of engaging in sexual activity with him.

While the book is purported to be an educational resource for condoms, there is no text, instructions, or any other information from pages 2 to 51 of the book. The illustrations simply show a series of progressive actions featuring the younger man masturbating the older man before a bright-pink condom is introduced.

The younger man then climbs on top of the older man and the two engage in intercourse. The final pages of the book, when flipped rapidly, animate the two men thrusting against each other.

On CATIE’s website, the book is described as “graphically [modeling] condom use between two men.” While the book is just over 50 pages on the CATIE website, Penner stated her son was given a version of it that was approximately “120 pages of this graphic stuff.”

The condoms, wooden phallus, and flip-book were reportedly provided to every boy in grades 9 and 10 at the Virden Collegiate Institute, with Penner reporting her older son, who also attends the school, informing her that only condoms had been given out the year prior.

“Y’all, they don’t even hide this anymore,” Penner wrote. “Robbing our children and seducing their minds. We need to push back… This is what needs to be protested.”

Penner confirmed that she is set to meet with the principal of the school on February 19.

The post, which has gone viral on Facebook and X, attracted many comments from incensed parents.

One father said his daughter attends the same school, and that she had confirmed that the condoms, wooden phallus, and flip-books were also available outside of the school’s office and had been brought in by a public health nurse.

“The teacher, the principal, and the school trustee would be getting an earful from me,” said one concerned parent. “I got my kids out in time, I couldn’t handle my kids being stuck in that system. I was fighting with them all the time about age appropriateness and now it’s just evil content”

Another parent claimed that their 14-year-old child at a school in Ontario had received the same set of items as part of their education.

  • Lloyd Busby IV says:

    I’ve tried to be tolerant but it’s time to put these freaks back in the closet and throw away the key!!!



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