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Bodybuilder Passes Away at 30 – Heavy Metal Found in His Blood After Receiving 4 Jabs

Jo Lindner, a German bodybuilding icon and a beloved YouTube influencer known by his online alias “Joesthetics,” tragically passed away. He was 30.

Jo Lindner was a celebrated bodybuilder who rose to global fame through his online content. Known for his impressive physique and commitment to fitness, Jo amassed a massive following on social platforms, with almost a million subscribers on YouTube and 8.4 million followers on Instagram.

In a heartrending Instagram post, Jo’s devastated girlfriend, Nicha, revealed that Jo had passed away while cuddling her. This tragic event occurred just after Jo had gifted her a custom-made necklace, a significant memory that Nicha would carry with her forever.

She described his passing as happening too quickly to comprehend and expressed regret that they hadn’t understood the seriousness of his neck pain until it was too late.

“Yesterday [he passed] away by aneurysm,” Nicha wrote on her Instagram.

“I was there with him in the room.. he put on the necklace in my neck that he made for me – we was just lay down cuddle..waiting the time to go meet Noel at the gym at 16.00,” she added.

“He was in my arms.. than this is just happening too fast.. 3 days ago he kept said that he pain his neck .. we not really realize it… until it too late,” Nicha said.

According to reports, the famous bodybuilder died from aneurysm.

According to American Heart Association, an aneurysm occurs when part of an artery wall weakens, allowing it to abnormally balloon out or widen.

The causes of aneurysms are sometimes unknown. Some people are born with them. They can also be hereditary. Aortic disease or an injury may also cause an aneurysm.

In a shocking revelation made just three weeks prior to his death, Jo Linder had an insightful discussion with renowned fitness guru and social media influencer, Bradley Martyn.

The two discussed teenage substance abuse, thoughts on America, and the fitness industry.

A focal point of their dialogue was on vaccination, with Martyn inquiring if Linder had received the vaccine. Linder jokingly replied that he had received the “wax,” indicating he had indeed been vaccinated. He claimed he got peer pressured into the vax.

“I got the wax… Even four,” Linder said.

Linder further elaborated on his experiences following vaccination, delving into the controversial topic of potential vaccine side effects. He mentioned undergoing plasma fluorosis, a process that involves the removal of heavy metals from the blood. The fitness enthusiast was worried about strange particles he had noticed in his blood following the procedure.

“Oh my God, this comes into weird controversy, conspiracy theory because I did blood cleaning twice,” Linder revealed. “After all this, I did a plasma fluorosis – taking out heavy metals and all that stuff. I did all this. I don’t know if this is too controversial, probably to say this.”

“I went to the doctor, and I did my blood work again because I take my blood work all the time. And then I show it to the doctor and we kind of see these particles and I’m like, what is this?”

“This is from this [vaccine],” Linder said. “And then I show it to another of my friends and there’s all kind of hidden websites that you can get to, but it’s like the dark media kind of and there’s even more conspiracies.”

Martyn couldn’t believe what he just heard, saying, “This is crazy as f-k. Because I know you’re the kind of guy who for sure you got your blood work all the time, and then you tell him you got the thing, and then you got your blood work. And then it was f-king crazy.”

Linder revealed he underwent plasma fluorosis to clean his blood.

“They take all your blood out, put it into this machine, and then clean it and bring it back. So we did this with the heavy metal cleaning and all this stuff, which supposedly cleaned my blood,” Linder said.

Linder also revealed he did D-dimer, a protein fragment from the breakdown of a blood clot.

“My d-dimer was this, and then after all this [plasma fluorosis], it was dead,” Linde said.

He said he did this program twice in six months period.

“I was so shocked. And the doctor was like, you need to do it, man, if you want to survive after you took these shots.”


  • Ricky says:

    Yeah that’s way too controversial to say it might be the death jabs; don’t want people saying words against you. It’s much safer for fragile, non-thinking sheep to blame everything on “climate change”.

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