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BLM Protests Erupt After Pregnant Mother Killed While Driving at Cop

Black Lives Matter is back. BLM protesters seized upon the tragic death of of 21-year-old pregnant mother Ta’kiya Young to make racially charged claims that a Blendon Township police officer shot her because she was Black.

However, police bodycam video shows that Young had attempted to flee from the arrest by driving her vehicle directly at a police officer.

The incident occurred after she was accused of shoplifting from a Kroger on Sunbury Road and was confronted by the police in the parking lot. Young, refusing to exit her vehicle, instead accelerated forward, leading an officer standing in front of the car to fire a single shot, fatally injuring her, as captured by police body camera footage.

But BLM marchers took to the streets on Saturday night. Some protesters accused the police officers of being “killer cops.”

But Sunday’s gathering marked the largest in a series of demonstrations held over the past week, according to NBC4 in Columbus.

In the aftermath, advocacy groups like the People’s Justice Project have been fervently calling for justice. More than 100 people gathered on Sunday, chanting the names of not only Young but also Casey Goodson Jr., Donovan Lewis, and others as they marched towards the Short North, demanding accountability from law enforcement.

Among the organizations participating in the protest was Ohio Families Unite for Political Action and Change (OFUPAC), an entity that supports families affected by officer-involved shootings. The group addresses various concerns, including the need to sever the connection between Marsy’s Law and law enforcement.

Marsy’s Law, which underwent expansion in April, is an Ohio statute that broadens the rights of victims of violent crimes. State law enforcement agencies have cited this law as the reason for not disclosing the identities of officers involved in shootings.

The BLM march arises in the midst of an election campaign season, leading some to believe that the motivation behind the protests is at least partly political.

There were some who noted that Young was accused of stealing stolen alcohol while pregnant.

There were others who cynically noted that it is is BLM season again.

It remains to be seen if the BLM marches will become a political fixture ahead of an election featuring an incumbent president with dismal approval numbers.

  • GLJG says:

    Actions have consequences – the police did what they had to do.

  • BWH says:

    The marchers say they want “justice”. It seems like justice was served when the woman tried to run over the police officer.

  • k says:

    A democratic state where “LAW” doesn’t apply when fleeing from cops “AFTER” being accused of shoplifting. Whilst pregnant ~ that’s a recipe in itself that spells “SEVERE CONSEQUENCIES”

    BLM, ANTIFA, SOROS & many many more should be listed as “TERRORIST”~ they are dangerous & out of control!!!

  • D says:

    Stupid members of BLM are calling for Justice! She tried to run down a police officer after she got caught stealing, he shot her. JUSTICE WAS SERVED!



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