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Blackmail Fears for Biden as Naked Selfie of His Younger Brother Shows Up on Gay Dating Site

A naked selfie of Joe Biden’s brother Frank has been discovered on a gay porn site.

The photo was uploaded to in 2018, when Frank – who has a long-term female partner Mindy Ward – was 64.

It was first unearthed by right wing nonprofit Marco Polo, which has been investigating the Biden family for alleged political corruption and crimes for years.

When approached by, Frank, 69, conceded he was the man in the photo but denied he was the one who posted it.

‘I’ve absolutely no comment. I could care less. I haven’t even looked at it,’ Frank said Monday morning when asked about the shot at his Florida home.

‘They must have hacked my phone,’ he added.

‘Anything that is a revealing picture of some kind is between Mindy and me.

‘I really don’t want to start my day off this way,’ said Frank. ‘Definitely didn’t post it anywhere.

‘What lengths will these cretins go to? Why do they care about a 70-year-old man.’

A naked picture of the President’s brother circulating online could raise the prospect of blackmail of the First Family – a potent national security threat. There is no evidence that any person or group has attempted to use the shot against the Biden administration.

Guys With iPhones describes itself as ‘Powered by a love for hot men who appreciate the finer gadgets in life’, and features selfies of naked men. Privacy fine print on the site shows it is owned by ‘gay porn blog’

Site metadata and a watermark on the photo says it was posted on May 23, 2018 – around the same time Frank’s nephew Hunter Biden was also photographing himself naked at the Chateau Marmont with M&Ms lined up along his penis, pictures from the First Son’s abandoned laptop reveal.

In Frank’s naked selfie, he appears to be wearing only a baseball cap and glasses, as he poses in front of a bathroom mirror. A toilet with the seat up can be seen behind him.

Appreciative comments on the picture include: ‘Daddy take me away!’, ‘a hot dilf’, and ‘Make me your b***h, Daddy!’

Photos are generally submitted to the website by users. Many of the photos are not submitted by the men in the pictures, and it may not have been Frank himself who submitted the revealing selfie.

  • MO Dylan says:

    Well, when I saw the web site name “”, then I realized I’m using an iPhone that was handed down to me from my daughter in law. I’m just glad I changed the pink case to black. I just hope no one realizes the phone is gold.
    One silver lining is that the apple logo is covered. There are too many other things to worry about. I’m gonna just keep using my phone and finish my Bud Light.

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