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Biden Screamed and Swore During Private Meeting After Being Told He Is Losing to Trump

President Joe Biden is anxious and angry about his reelection campaign as former President Donald Trump shows strength in swing states and nationally.

Biden has been “second-guessing” travel and messaging for his bid for four more years amid other frustrations, according to a report from NBC News.

The report cites several people familiar with the Biden campaign to illustrate the frustrations the president has as his 2020 opponent appears on track to beat him, according to most polls.

Biden was reportedly “seething” after he was told his handling of the war in Gaza had caused poll numbers in Georgia and Michigan to drop, with the report alleging he shouted and swore. He has also felt “cocooned.” The president wants to speak more with voters and has been frustrated by restraints placed on him.

In preparing his State of the Union address, Biden attempted to eliminate rhetorical flourishes to explain his accomplishments instead.

The address, which was earlier this month, was fiery and saw Biden interact with a rowdy congressional audience. Biden took advantage of the stage as one of the most watched political events of the year to make his case for why voters should support him instead of Trump in November.

Biden has remained behind Trump in most national polls, in stark contrast to four years ago, when Biden dominated Trump in nearly every poll. The RealClearPolitics polling average shows Trump leading Biden by 1.7 points nationally, while the former president also leads the president in most swing-state polls.

Despite the poor polling figures, Biden’s campaign has amassed strong fundraising numbers, bringing in $53 million in February, while Trump is set to spend a significant amount of his campaign funds on legal fees.

The former president also faces the prospect of a conviction in one of his four criminal indictments, which could be a boost to Biden’s reelection hopes.

  • abby says:


  • Terri says:

    Biden should be in jail along with his immediate family, the Obamas and the Clintons. America had better wake up or we are going to be in a civil war

  • freedomlover says:

    Restraint’s placed on him by who??? He’s as much as admitting he is being “managed” and hasn’t been running this country from day one!

  • kronik says:

    Why are we only seeing two candidates? shouldn’t there be hundreds, fighting to get to the front?
    just another smokescreen from Uncle Sham.



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