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Biden Left Gold Star Family with Huge Bill to Bring Home Body of Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

The family of a female Marine who was killed during the disasterous withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021 was forced to pay $60,000 to have her body flown from California to Arlington to be buried.

Nicole Gee, 23, was one of 13 service members who were killed during a suicide blast at the Kabul Airport in 2021, per Daily Mail. There were also 170 Afghans reportedly killed in the attack that ISIS took responsibility for.

The attack took place on August 26, during an evacuation attempt near the US embassy.

Cory Mills, a Republican lawmaker and Army veteran, reportedly met with the families of the 13 service members who were lost in the attack. He was told one of the families was forced to pay $60,000 to have the body of a loved one moved to be buried.

Honoring Our Fallen, a non-profit that helps families of fallen American service members, covered the cost of having Gee’s body transported.

Her body was initially transported to her hometown of Roseville, California for a ceremony, but her family was then told they were financially responsible for moving her body to Arlington, which would be her final resting place, per the report.

Mills’ office noted that the defense department was allowed to decline to pay for the transportation of Gee’s body due to last year’s change to the National Defense Authorization Act, according to Fox News.

The change notes that the secretary of defense may provide a fallen soldier’s family “a commercial air travel use waiver for the transportation of deceased remains of [a] military member who dies inside a theater of combat operations.”

Mills said: “Typically, our fallen heroes are flown back home for a solemn service and then laid to a final rest at Arlington Cemetery with the utmost respect and honor.”

“It is an egregious injustice that grieving families were burdened to shoulder the financial strain of honoring their loved ones.”

  • Don says:

    Every day I think I’ve seen the most egregious things this chickenshit administration could do and every day something even more insane crops up.
    This is unconscionable! To begin with $60,000!!!! And then to make her family pay for it.
    Some POS bureaucrat should hang for this. Biden needs to be ashamed of himself. (I know, he would need a brain and a personality for that) and heads need to roll.
    This young lady laid down her life for her country because of bedpan Joe’s evacuation plan.
    I can’t count the ways that this pisses me off and disgusts me.

  • John says:

    That’s because he’s a fraudulently elected pedophile and mentally ill luciferian scumbag and Demon who will Fester with boils and sores as he dies a slow death on his luciferian compound from his communist, fraudulently elected, rigged election and weaponized Satan worshiping, agencies in the anti White House, that must be knocked down and rebuilt just to Purge and remove the satanic evil out of it from the Democrat luciferian child raping Epstein Island vacationing demons that God only knows what these satanic slobs and what demonic rituals they performed in our sacred capital building that is now been defiled by his , his pedophile crackhead child raping son, and the 8-year Muslim monkey and racist, Christian hating, Muslim domestic terrorist demon and Antichrist Prelude obongo

  • Quasimodo 2020 says:

    I simply have no words that can describe the gratitude I have for this fallen soldier and her family or the disgust I feel for the biden administration and department of defence In fact I am faving a hard time deciding if I have more disgust for the bombers themselves or the DOD and biden administration at this point.



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