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Biden Delivers Oval Office Speech, Wants $100 Billion for Israel and Ukraine

President Biden delivered a speech to the nation from the Oval Office Thursday evening after returning from Israel in the aftermath of the Hamas terror attacks on October 7. He said he’s going to ask Congress to appropriate $100 billion in new funding to combat Hamas and continue to aid Ukraine in its war against Russia. Reportedly, he wants $60 billion more for Ukraine and $14 billion for Israel.

“American leadership is what holds the world together. American alliances are what keep us – America – safe. American values are what make us a partner that other nations want to work with,” he said. “To put all that at risk if we walk away from Ukraine, we turn our backs on Israel – it’s just not worth it.”

Interestingly, the White House was lit red before the speech began.

He shot down the fake news about the explosion at a hospital in Gaza, where many outlets reported that it was bombed by the Israelis when in fact much evidence shows that it was not:

However, it seemed like he spoke during his 15-minute speech more about Putin and antisemitism in America than he did about Israel or Hamas. He didn’t bring up all the anti-Israel protests around the country and at American universities:

Biden also spoke about sending aid to Gaza. However, many pundits have pointed out that it’s a good bet Hamas will simply steal such aid:

The president also noted that Iran has been supporting Hamas, but he didn’t mention the $6 billion in funds the administration recently unfroze for the benefit of the Islamic Republic:

  • Dorothy says:

    How wonderful to keep giving money to Ukraine. Because of this man in the White House we are now on the verge of WWIII. When is he going to go. The Democrats are ruling our country right now along with many Republicans so what does the people of this country going to do to get out of these corrupt people’s hands. They are holding an ex President, Donald J. Trump in courts on purpose. This is no time for games. Put Trump back in the White House so we can at least have some civil society . Our Borders are still wide open and I just give up. We are supposed to wait until next election, meanwhile, we are being controlled by the FBI, CIA, and most Politicians. Does anyone think they are gong to give up their power. They do what they want and no accountability is ever made. We are down, and comparing to the Roman Empire they were going strong for decades.

  • Sam says:

    I hope who ever is Speaker of the House offers Biden the same damn dollar that Pelosi offered Trump. Karma is a real b!tch isn’t it Joe?

  • See more says:

    Don’t know how he’s gonna get that money. Don’t have house speaker because Republicans can’t get their shit together.

  • Pinks says:

    Fuck you Biden, you dumb SOB. Yes I support giving Israel whatever they need to kill these terrorists, but the rest of the world including Europe can stand up for themselves.

  • FJB says:

    Fuck Ukraine… hope it burns to the ground… we all know you are money laundering over there . If you voted for this POS, you are a fucking moron

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