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Biden Covered for Brother Frank Over Fatal Hit-and-Run Even: Book

In spite of having his wife and daughter killed in a tragic car accident in 1973, just weeks into his political career, Joe Biden covered for his brother following a hit-and-run crash in 1999 that left two girls without a father, a new book claims.

Much of the world knows that just after he was elected to the Senate for the first time, then Senator-Elect Biden lost his wife Neilia and his 13-month-old daughter Naomi.

His sons Beau and Hunter were both injured but survived the crash.

According to Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlow, who has just released a new book in which he dug through Biden’s private life, he sought to find something redeeming in the man who now occupies the Oval Office.

“Though I tried to locate the humanity in Joe Biden time and again, I was shocked at how infrequently I was able to do that,” Marlow wrote.

During his research, Marlow came across a civil suit that Biden’s brother Frank Biden dodged for 20 years with help from his powerful brother.

According to Marlow, Frank Biden was coaching a young man named Jason Turton on how to drive his Jaguar on a California highway in 1999 because his driver’s license was suspended.

Marlow claims Turton was driving 70 mph in a 35 mph zone when he fatally struck a pedestrian named Michael Albano.

Two people in the back of the Jaguar later recalled that Frank Biden instructed Turton not to stop the vehicle.

The young man was later charged with felony hit-and-run while Frank Biden was issued a summons to show up for court for a civil case brought against him by Albano’s grieving daughters.

Per Marlow, Frank dodged a process server for years while at one point allegedly staying at his brother’s Delaware home.

Finally, in 2008, Albano’s daughters contacted the then-senator’s office directly about Frank Biden paying a judgment against him in the amount of $275,000 to each of Albano’s orphaned daughters – or $550,000 in total.

Biden’s office reportedly responded to them with the following message:

“Senator Biden has received your letter of September 16 regarding a judgment by your clients against his brother Frank. The Senator wishes to express his deep sympathy with the Albano daughters over their loss… Frank has no assets with which to satisfy the judgment. The Senator regrets that this is where matters stand and that he cannot be more helpful.”

According to Marlow, Frank Biden was earning at least enough money at the time to find himself in a hole with the IRS.

One week before Joe Biden’s response to the two women, Frank Biden paid a delinquent tax bill in the amount of $23,638.59.

The U.K.’s Daily Mail reported Frank Biden finally paid Albano’s daughters a year before the 2020 election – a sum that had ballooned up to $900,000 with interest.

Marlow noted that Frank Biden is part of the family business and concluded, “But what is truly shocking is that Joe Biden would aid in this particular cover up after having endured the life-altering tragedy that he endured.”

Joe Biden has been openly critical of the man who struck the car carrying his family – Curtis C. Dunn – and has for years falsely claimed Dunn was intoxicated and at fault for the wreck that killed Neilia and Naomi.

In 2008, the then-senator and Democratic presidential hopeful was asked by Dunn’s daughter to stop repeating the lie about her father, The Newark Post reported.

The newspaper further noted that police in 1972 had determined that the late Mrs. Biden was at fault for the accident and that Dunn had overturned his tractor-trailer in order to avoid hitting her car.

Dunn, who died in the late 1990s was also the first person to render first aid to Neilia Biden and Joe Biden’s three children.

Alex Marlow’s book “Breaking Biden” was released on Tuesday.

  • kronik says:

    What a scumbag.

  • JJ says:

    They aren’t called the Biden Crime Family for no reason!!! This is despicable but I am no at all surprised!!!

  • TD says:

    Joe Biden is still stupid scum, He has gotten 500,00 killed in Ukraine so far and now he is killing 100’s in Israel because he gave Iran 6 billion to give Hamas to able to do it, Nothing but a loser

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